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Genetic exploitation of the environment

The role of varietal control in the protection of intensive cropping systems
P.R.B. Blood, J.P. Evenson, K. Ampofo and I. Adjei-Maafo

Drought resistance in wheat
P.M. Bremner

Evaluating wheat and rapeseed genotypes in relation to environment
P.M. Bremner, J.L. Davidson, D.B. Jones and L.F. Myers

Screening species of stylosanthes for resistance to anthracnose disease
D.F. Cameron1, R.G. O'brien2 and J.A.G. Irwin2

Phosphorus utilization in contrasting pasture legumes
Richard H. Chisholm and Graeme J. Blair

Overcoming agronomic shortcomings of "opaque-2" maize by selection for genetic modifiers
J.M. Colless

Yield trends from Australian wheats
J.L. Davidson and J.W. Birch

Cassava cultivar evaluation in South-East Queensland
J.P. Evenson and B.A. Keating

Transference of sorghum midge resistance in to agronomically acceptable lines
R.G. Henzell, R.L. Brengman and F.D. Page

A new look at guar in Central Queensland
K. Jackson1, J. Berthelsen1 and E. Uridge2

Performance of four lupin species in Central Queensland
K.J. Jackson1, J. Berthelsen1 and E. Uridge2

Irrigated summer forage crops in Central Western N.S.W.
D.K. Muldoon

Breeding higher yielding lupins, rapeseed, high lysine barley and phalaris for south eastern Australia
R.N. Oram

The significance of mediterranean plant introduction for increasing the winter growth of pasture in the high rainfall areas of Victoria
K.F.M. Reed1, J.W. Cade2 and A.E. Williams2

Adaptation of cajanus cajan (pigeon pea) in sub-tropical Australia
E.S. Wallis, P.C. Whiteman and D.E. Byth

Relative resistance of snap beans (phaseolus vulgaris L) to mechanical injury of seed as influenced by maturation temperature
MD. Abdus Siddique and P.B. Goodwin

Vine breeding at Merbein
A.S. Antcliff

Breeding french bean cultivars for winter production
P.J. Farlow

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