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Improved plant management

Animal production from summer forage crops in cool environments
A. Axelsen, P.R. Dann and J.B. Coombe

The essentials for cotton agroecosystem optimisation: current problems and future prospects
P.R.B. Blood and J.P. Evenson

Yield performance in the Australian wheat growing industry
G.E. Bond and B.T. Ole

Delayed planting of short-season soybeans in narrow rows and high densities
D.L. Chase

Some limitations to high soybean yields in southern N.S.W.
D.L. Chase

Effect of plant population density on grain yield and lodging of three maize cultivars
J. M. Colless

Mepiquat chloride - a new growth regulant for cotton
Tom Cowlrick

Response of raingrown soybeans to rate and placement of superphosphate on low-P soils
P.J. Desborough and P.T. Mears

Direct drilling of soybean varieties in coastal N.S.W.
P.J. Desborough

Modelling soil water for direct drilling and conventional cropping strategies in southern N.S.W.
R.A. Fischer and J. Armstrong

Yield ceiling for grain sorghum in the Ord River Irrigation Area
M.A. Foale1 and D.B. Coates2

Time of harvest and seed quality in lupins
P.B. Goodwin1, E. Corbin2, I. Barua3, A.A. Adegbite1 and J. Lynbury4

A farm test for seed quality in lupins
P.B. Goodwin1 and MD Samiruddin2

Improving plant management through modelling plant/environment interactions
G.L. Hammer, G.M. Mckeon, J.F. Clewett and K.G. Rickert

Methods of using rongai lablab for beef cattle production
R.E. Hendricksen and D.J. Myles

Soybeans as a dryland crop in North-West New South Wales
J.F. Holland

Saturated soil culture of soybeans - a new agronomic system
M.N. Hunter1, P.L.M. De Jabrun2 and D.E. Byth2

Spatial arrangements and wheat yields
D.R. Kemp, R.W. Medd and B.A. Auld

Effects of spotted alfalfa aphids and blue-green aphids on the dry matter production of some lucerne varieties
G.M. Lodge

Effect of sowing rate on the establishment of dryland lucerne
G.M. Lodge

Response of cotton cultivars to planting date
V.E. Mungomery1, G.T. Mcintyre2 and J.M. Hare1

Accelerated ageing tests - useful measures of soybean seed planting quality
J.R. Peterson

An objective basis for the selection of minimum legal seed germination standards
J.R. Peterson

Simazine, a potential growth regulator
P.E. Quigley

Evaluation of four introduced temperate grass species under grazing at Glen Innes, N.S.W.
G.G. Robinson1, T.J. May2 and B.D. Scarsbrick3

Yield of starch and soluble carbohydrates in perennial forage sorghums
M.W. Silvey and C.W. Ford

Mixed cropping for the production of feed rations
G.H. Walton

Effect of nitrogen on the development of yield components in wheat
E.E. Whingwiri and W.R. Stern

Developments in fresh market tomato production
J.A. Barnes

Blueberries in Australia
R.W. Bell

Significant areas of research in sub-tropical fruit crops
K.R. Chapman

Rapid propagation techniques for potato cultivars
P.B. Goodwin1, Y.C. Kim2, T. Adisarwanto3 and G. Brow1

Potential utilisation of reclaimed water for vegetable production
T.J. Piggott , F.G. Kaddous and K.J. Stubbs

Close planting improves returns for growing apples
S.N. Ledger

Bean seed quality in Burdekin crops: effect of time and method of harvest
G. Somerset, MD. Abdus Siddique and P.B. Goodwin

Processing tomatoes for machine harvesting
J.B. Sumeghy

Glue sprays for anti-shattering treatment of horticultural and pasture seed crops
C.M.J. Williams

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