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The long term effect of lime on soil pH
G.P. Mahoney

Lime for cereals on acid soils in northern New South Wales
A. D. Doylea and J. Bradleyb

Responses to lime by cereals
B.J. Scott

Effect of liming acid krasnozems on the yield of poppy (Papaver somniferum L.)
M.G. Temple-Smith, D.N. Wright, J.C. Laughlin and B.J. Hoare

Root growth in soils rendered acid by improved pastures
A. Pinkerton and J.R. Simpson

Soil management studies and growth of subterranean clover in north-east Victoria
J.R. Hirth, D.R. Coventry and T.G. Reeves

Long term trends associated with usf of superphosphate on pasture, I. yields of clover
E.J. Hilder

Long term trends associated with use of superphosphate on pasture. Ii. spatial distribution of pasture yield and composition.
E.J. Hilder and D.A. Hedges

Long term trends associated with superphosphate use on pasture, III. response of clover to potassium after prolonged treatment.
E.J. Hilder and D.A. Hedges

Partially acidulated rock phosphates (parp) as fertiliser for perennial pastures
P.W.G. Sale,a D.K. Friesenb and G.J. Biafra

Phosphate research at Wagga Wagga
C.D. Batten

Fungi for more efficient use of P fertiliser
P.G. Williams

Leaf acid phosphatase and the phosphorus status of wheat
K.D. McLachlan

Availability of phosphate fertilizer residues in a soil of western Queensland during three years of cropping
W. M. Strong and E. K. Best

Phosphorus application strategies for rice (Starbonnet) in the lower Burdekin area, Queensland
J.E. Maltby and T.J. McShane

The response of cassava to phosphorus fertilizer on five soils in South-East Queensland
L.N. Hicks, S. Fukai and C.J. Asher

The application of phosphorus fertilizers to cotton at Emerald and Boggabilla
C.J. Bircha, R.A. Herdena, R.H. O'Gradyb

Diammonium phosphate as a source of N and P for sorghum in the South Burnett
T. Dicksona and G.F. Haydonb

The effect of phosphorus availability and soil type on manganese accumulation in lupinus albus L.
W. K. Gardner

Foliar manganese for lupins
W.A. Hawthorne and D.C. Lewis

Phosphorus and sulfur interactions in soil-plant systems. I. uptake of P and S by plants grown in undrained pasture cores.
A. P. Kennedy and A.R. Till

Phosphorus and sulfur interactions in soil-plant systems. II. field studies on the effect of phosphorus on soil available sulfur in uncrazed plots.
C.C. Boswellab, A.R. Tilla, G.J. Blairb

Phosphorus and sulfur interactions in soil-plant systems, III. effects of grazing and superphosphate on soil sulfur profiles
E.J. Hilder and C.C. Boswell.

Available sulphur levels in Mallee soils
P. E. Quigley and M. W. Ferguson

Fertilizing field crops - pre-plant banding of dual applications of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers
R.A. DeGroot, C.J. Birch and J.H. Smith

The effect of nitrogen and phosphorus application on yield of raingrown summer crops in Central Queensland.1. sorghum in Dawson and Callide Valleys
J.H. Adriaans, R.A. Herden

The effect of nitrogen and phosphorus application on yield of raingrown summer crops in Central Queensland. 2. sorghum and sunflower - Central Highlands
R.A. Herden, J.H. Adriaans

A simple model for predicting nitrogen fertilizer requirement of cereal crops
R.J.K. Myers

Field studies on the fate of urea applied to flooded rice
J.R. Simpsona, W.A. Muirheadb, J.R. Freneya, R. Wecselaarc, O.T. Denmeadd and R. Leuningd

Effect of changing nitrogen supply on growth, nitrogen accumulation and seed characteristics of sunflower
B.T. Steer and P.J. Hocking

The availability of early applied nitrogen for winter crops in Queensland
W. M. Strong and J. E. Cooper

Alternative sources of nitrogen for wheat on solonised brown soils in the Victorian Mallee
T.K. Fraser and D.R. Rooney

Nitrogen recovery and grain yield of Inga rice
D.P. Heenan

Increasing efficiency of water run fertilization
P.E. Bacona and J.A. Thompsonb

Nitrogen fixation in grain legumes
D.C. Askin, J.G.H. White and P.J. Rhodes*

The utilization of wheat straw as an energy source for biological nitrogen fixation
Margaret M. Roper

Nitrate reduction and dinitrogen fixation in chickpea
J. Evans

A comparison of three inoculation treatments on lupins
I. T. Mock

Field evaluation of rh/zob/um strains on Sainfoin (onobrychis viciifolia Scop.)
R.S. St. John-Sweeting and P.G. Tow

The effects of defoliation, flower removal, applied nitrogen, and partial nodule removal on nitrogen fixation and regrowth of phasey bean
W.M. Othman, C.J. Asher and G.L. Wilson

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