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International Crop-Pasture Systems

East India Plateau – Basket Case, or Future Food Basket?
Peter S Cornish1, Ashok Kumar2 and MA Khan3

Improving grain yield and quality of wheat grown in Haryana (NW India)
Ashok Kumar1, David Coventry2, R.S. Poswal3 and Shashi Madan1

The use of forage legumes in cereal cropping systems of Eastern Indonesia
NP Dalgliesh1, J Nulik2, S Quigley3, P Fernandez2, A Rubianti 2, D Kana Hau2, J Suek4, T Darbas5, E Budisantoso6 and D Poppi3

Agronomic performance of landrace and certified seeds of maize in West Timor, Indonesia
EY Hosang1,2, MW Sutherland2, NP Dalgliesh3 and JPM Whish3

Energy balance of integrated crop-rangeland-livestock production systems in eastern Gansu, China
Lei Xu, Xiaoyan Wang, Fujiang Hou1, Zhibiao Nan

Integrating wheat into the rice-based farming systems of southern Bangladesh
PL Poulton1, HM Rawson2, NP Dalgliesh1 and PS Carberry1

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