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Managing climate risk in cropping systems

Seasonal climate forecasting has economic value for farmers in south eastern Australia
Author: Bettina Lythgoe1, Daniel Rodriguez1, De Li Liu2, John Brennan2, Brendan Scott2, Gordon Murray2 and Peter Hayman3

A Statistical Model for Seasonal Rainfall Forecasting over the Highlands of Eritrea
Author: Mehari Tesfazgi Mebrhatu1, M. Tsubo2 and Sue Walker1

Agricultural impacts of regional variability of the West African monsoon
Author: B. Sultan1, Christian Baron2, Michael Dingkuhn2 and Serge Janicot1

The characteristics of daily and monthly rainfall for a decision support system
Author: Mehari Tesfazgi Mebrhatu1, M. Tsubo2 and Sue Walker1

Spatial modelling of extreme temperatures in the southern mallee of Victoria
Author: Prakash Dixit1, 2, Daniel Rodriguez2 and D. Chen3

Climate information contributes to better water management of irrigated cropping systems in southern India
Author: Ramasamy Selvaraju1, Holger Meinke2 and James Hansen3

The development of combined weather and crop yield forecasting systems for the tropics
Author: A.J. Challinor1,2, T.R. Wheeler2, J.M. Slingo1, Peter Craufurd2, D.I.F. Grimes3 and T. Chee-Kiat3

Quantifying risk for maize–bean intercrop production in the semi-arid region of southern Africa
Author: Sue Walker1, H.O. Ogindo1 and M. Tsubo2

Global Climate Ghange and Food Security for Small Farmers in Honduras
Author: Carlos G.H. Daz-Ambrona1, Ruben Gigena Pazos2 and Carlos O. Mendoza Tovar2

PRUDENCE: a project seeking to minimise uncertainties in the evaluation of climate change impacts on agriculture in Mediterranean areas
Author: M. Ins Mnguez, M. Ruiz-Ramos, Carlos G.H. Daz-Ambrona, M. Quemada and F. Sau1

Integrating software tools and seasonal climate outlooks to optimise wheat gross margin profits at Merredin, Western Australia.
Author: Meredith Fairbanks and Alexandra Edward

Does ENSO influence the break of season in south-eastern Australia?
Author: De Li Liu1, Peter Hayman2 and Brendan Scott1

Using the REML statistical procedure to examine trends due to climate change
Author: Kerry L. Bell, Sarah Lennox and Peter DeVoil

A statistical distribution for modelling rainfall with promising applications in crop science
Author: Sarah Lennox1, Peter K. Dunn2, Brendan Power3 and Peter DeVoil4

Likely impact of climate change on wheat and sorghum production in central Queensland
Author: Andries Potgieter1, Holger Meinke1 and Alastair Doherty1,2

Effects of a changing climate on wheat cropping systems in northern New South Wales
Author: Brendan Power1, Holger Meinke1, Peter DeVoil1, Sarah Lennox1 and Peter Hayman2

Assessment of probabilistic forecast ‘skill’ using p-values
Author: Aline de H.N. Maia1, Meinke Holger2 and Sarah Lennox2

Forecasting with the Madden-Julian Oscillation and the applications for risk management
Author: Alexis Donald1, Holger Meinke1, Brendan Power1, Matthew Wheeler2 and Joachim Ribbe3.

The use of Climatic Data Generator to cope with Daily Climatic Data Scarcity in Simulation Studies
Author: Rizaldi Boer, Perdinan Rakiso and A. Faqih

Applying climate information to enhance wheat based farming in rain-fed areas of Pakistan
Author: Muhammad Aslam1, Muhammad Asim2, Holger Meinke3 and Nafees Sadiq Kisana2

Can smallholder farmers benefit from seasonal climate forecasts?
Author: James Hansen1

The Use of Global Climate Forcing for Rainfall and Yield Prediction in Indonesia: Case Study at Bandung District
Author: Rizaldi Boer1, Ismail Wahab2, Perdinan1 and Holger Meinke3

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