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Hedysarum, a new temperate forage legume with great potential - Field Evaluation
Carolyn de Koning1, David Lloyd2, Steve Hughes1, Don McLachlan1, Graham Crocker3, Suzanne Boschma3 and Andrew Craig1

Perennial ryegrass survival through summer
Raquel Waller1, Peter Sale2 and Geoffrey Saul3

Are mixtures of annual pasture legumes more productive and persistent than monocultures on the low rainfall alkaline soils of southern Australia?
Jake Howie

Effect of different rates of dairy effluent on turnip DM yields and nutritive characteristics
Joe Jacobs and Graeme Ward

Effect of timing and intensity of drought on the seed yield of white clover (Trifolium repens L.).
Richard J. Martin, Richard N. Gillespie, Shane Maley, Maryann Robson.

Trifolium spumosum L. an exciting prospective legume for fine textured soils in Mediterranean farming systems
Angelo Loi1, Bradley Nutt2, Rochelle McRobb1, Stephen J. Carr1

The change in the proportions of annual legume species in response to the presence of lucerne and the addition of gypsum.
B.S. Dear1, R. Hayes1, G.A. Sandral1, A.D. Swan2, M.B. Peoples2, B.A. Orchard1, K.Y. Chan1, A. Oates1

Effects of pasture management and liming history on pasture and wheat performance in the central wheatbelt of Western Australia
Anyou Liu and Clinton Revell

Comparing sulfur sources for pastures on light sandy soils
Andrew Speirs1, David Harbison1, Peter Flavel1, and Chris Dyson2

Seasonal changes in feed quality of Dorycnium spp.
Simon R. Davies1 and Peter A. Lane1

Use of paired soil and plant tests to set soil fertility targets for subterranean clover-based pastures
Richard Simpson, David Marshall and Alan Richardson

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