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Plant nutrition and fertiliser use

Deep placement of ammonium-type nitrogen fertiliser in South-West Victoria
W. K. Gardner and M. Fulton

Changes in the response of wheat to nitrogen fertilizer in Northern New South Wales
A.D. Doyle and I.C.R. Holford

The effect of four nitrogen fertilizers on N use efficiency (NUE) of a high yielding barley (var. Triumph)
K.A. Jayatilake, N.J. Mendham and J.A. Beattie

Effect of n management on rice grain maturation
P.E. Bacon, D.P. Heenan, L.G. Lewin and A.B. Blakeney

N topdressing requirements for rice
P.E. Bacon, D.P. Heenan, G.D. Batten, L.G. Lewin and A.B. Blakeney

Nitrogen fertilizer timing and placement for aerial sown rice
D.P. Heenan, P.E. Bacon and J.R. Fowler

The susceptibility of lucerne to soluble phosphate during germination
J.M. Scott and L.M. O'Donnell

Effect of seed structure on the tolerance during emergence of five grasses to phosphorus seed coating.
B.P. Garrote, J.M. Scott and G.J. Blair

Comparison of soil with leaf analysis for predicting the response of pasture to superphosphate
J.W.D. Cayley, K.N. Cumming and P.C. Flinn

The annual requirement of pasture for phosphate
J.W.D. Cayley, K.N. Cumming and P.C. Flinn

Variation among sunflower genotypes in the delay in flowering caused by P deficiency
M.N. Hunter and A.N. McCosker

Effects of fallow length on sorghum and sunflower responses to P
M.N. Hunter1, A.N. McCosker1 and D.E. Hibberd2

Variation in responses of barleys to applied nitrogen
R.D. Wheeler 1, R.C.M. Lance2 and D.H.B. Sparrow 2

Influence of nitrogen on the yield, water use and water deficits of wheat grown in a Mediterranean climate
N.C. Turner1, D. Tennant2, A.P. Hamblin2, I.E. Henson2, C.R. Jensen1 and M.W. Perry2

Influence of post-seeding application of nitrogen on grain yield and water stress of wheat in a Mediterranean climate
Neil R. Venn, Neil C. Turner and Tan R.P. Fillery

Effect of external nitrate supply on nodulation of lupins 1.Growth and nodulation of lupinus angustifolius and lupinus albus
A.L. Cowie, H.S. Jessop and D.A. MacLeod

Effect of external nitrate supply on nodulation of lupins II. comparison of eighteen lines of lupinus angustifolius
A.L. Cowie, R.S. Jessop and D.A. MacLeod

Effects of relief or onset of nitrogen stress on yield components of linseed
P.J. Hocking and A. Pinkerton

Liming, water deficits and c2h2 reduction by subterranean clover
Allan G. Davey and R.J. Simpson

Soil acidification under permanent pastures in NE Victoria
A.M. Roberts and W.J. Slattery

The effect of lime on establishment, nodulation and herbage yield of Persian clover in South West Victoria
P.J. Cunningham and W.M. Feely

Presence of plant secreted flavones and expression of nodulation genes of rhizobium trifolii in acidic conditions.
A.E. Richardson1,2, M.A. Djordjevic2, R.J. Simpson1 and B.G. Rolfe2

Yield and seasonal production of a subterranean clover-based pasture growing in an acid soil
A.P. Henderson and R..J. Simpson

Foliar micronutrients and lime on wheat production
P.J. Haines

Copper deficiency of meat in Victoria. I. cause
A.G. Flynn1 and W.K. Gardner2

Copper deficiency of wheat in Victoria. II. correction
A.G. Flynn1 and W.K. Gardner2

Effects of applying Sulfur to Sulfur-deficient linseed and rapeseed
A. Pinkerton and P.J. Hocking

Response of wheat to foliar applied copper on five Hamilton soil types
R.B. Dickmann1, N.S. Badawy2 and G.W. Whipp1

Soil and plant analysis for the prediction of copper deficiency in wheat.
R.B.Dickmann1, N.S. Badawy2 and G.W. Whipp1

Variability of rice yield responses to nutrients on farms in the central Philippines
J.F. Angus1, C.A. FazekasdeStGroth1 and R.C. Tasic2

Boron tolerance of South Australian wheat cultivars
J.G. Paull.1, A.J. Rathjen1 and B. Cartwright2

Effect of recent cropping history on the nitrogen and phosphorus requirement of maize
P.L. Aitken1, T. Dickson2, J.C. Dwyer2 and D.L. Compton2

Phosphorus uptake by phalaris from 32p-labelled seed coatings and drilled granules
J. M. Scott, R.L. Rocks and G.J. Blair

A fertiliser model for predicting potato yields based on soil tests
J.R. Thorp and S.P. Wallace

Potassium requirements of potatoes grown on krasnozems in Tasmania
D.N. Wright, K. Chapman1 and J. Thorp

Cereal whole tops plant analysis - methods used by CSBP
MG Browne

Effect of superphosphate on relative production from Trifolium subterraneum and T. balansae pasture at Cranbrook, Western Australia
BJ Leach and DL Matthews

Concentration of copper in subterranean clover compared to Polymorpha medic under field conditions
D.L. Matthews and B.J. Leach

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