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Plenary papers

Opening Oration

Can Science and Technology based Agriculture Feed the World in 2025?

Author: Prof M S Swaminathan

Building crop and pasture systems for sustained productivity and profitability

Invited paper: The tension between specialization and diversification in the evolution of farming systems for the Australian crop-livestock zone.

Author: Mike Ewing

New annual pasture legumes for southern Australia - 15 years of revolution

Author: Phillip Nichols1,2, Angelo Loi1,2, Mike Ewing1,3, Clinton Revell1,2, John Howieson, 1,4, Martin Barbetti1,5, Bradley Nutt1,2, Richard Snowball1,2, Ming Pei You1,2, Stephen Carr1,2,6, Kevin Foster1,2, Peter Skinner1,2, Darryl McClements1,2, Krzysztof Gajda1, Bradley Wintle2, Daniel Kidd2, Andrew Craig7, Ramakrishnan Nair8, Jake Howie8, Stephen Hughes8, Geoff Auricht8, Carolyn de Koning9, Brian Dear10, Graeme Sandral10, Belinda Hackney10, Graham Crocker11, Pedro Evans12, David Lloyd13 and Eric Hall14

Burning narrow windrows for weed seed destruction

Author: Michael Walsh1 and Peter Newman2

The role of nitrogen and in-crop lucerne suppression for increasing cereal performance in companion cropping systems

Author: Rob Harris13, Tim Clune1, Mark Peoples2, Antony Swan2, William Bellotti3 and Wen Chen4

Managing water in a changing environment

Invited paper: Towards Better Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Farmers

Author: Peter C. McIntosh1, Michael J. Pook1, James S. Risbey1 and Shaun Lisson2

Climate change impact on field crops and adaptation options in Southeastern Australia

Author: Muhuddin Anwar1*, Garry O’Leary1, David McNeil1, Hemayet Hossain2 and Roger Nelson3

The use of native (endemic) grass and tree species for dryland salinity mitigation, remediation and agronomy activities in south-east Australia

Author: Glen Bann and John Field.

Overcoming soil and nutrient constraints

Invited paper: Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Cereal Systems

Author: Achim Dobermann

Subsoil amelioration on a sand-over-clay: Crop performance and residual yield benefits.

Author: Damien Adcock1, Nigel Wilhelm2, Ann McNeill1 and Roger Armstrong3

Improving crops and pastures for targeted environments

Invited paper: Using synthetic wheats to breed cultivars better adapted to changing production conditions

Author: Maarten van Ginkel and Francis Ogbonnaya

Invited paper: Lupin genetic improvement for targeted environments and markets

Author: Bevan J Buirchell and Mark W Sweetingham

Genetic diversity in Australian canola and implications for future breeding

Author: Wallace A. Cowling

Implications of ‘duty of care’ for the development of new pasture species

Author: Clinton Revell1, 3 and Dean Revell2,4

Using the ROOTMAP model of crop root growth to investigate root-soil interactions

Author: Vanessa Dunbabin1

Participatory research: adopting agronomy

Invited paper: Achieving rapid adoption: information value and the role of grower groups

Author: Rick Llewellyn

Supporting farmers and agronomists to participate and learn about on-farm research to improve local farming practices

Author: David Lawrence1, Nick Christodoulou2, and Jeremy Whish3

Grower Group Networks Working Together with Researchers

Author: Tracey M Gianatti1 and Paul Carmody2

Future technologies in agriculture

Invited paper: Appropriate Technologies for Agricultural Sustainability in an Uncertain Future

Author: Rick Roush

Managing spatial and seasonal variability within field can improve the profitability of WA grain production

Author: Michael Robertson1, Bindi Isbister2, Ian Maling3, Yvette Oliver4, Mike Wong5, Matt Adams6, Bill Bowden7 and Peter Tozer8

Precision agriculture in the Victorian Wimmera – grower perspectives

Author: David Jochinke1, Bernard Noonan2 and Nick Wachsmann3

Remote Sensing to Detect Nitrogen and Water Stress in Wheat

Author: Adam K Tilling1, Garry O’Leary2, Jelle G Ferwerda1, Simon D Jones1, Glenn Fitzgerald2 and Robert Belford2

LUCI in the sky with diamonds – modelling the wider impacts of land use change and intensification

Author: Peter D. Jamieson1, RF Zyskowski1, FY Li1, GS Francis1, V Snow2 and L Lilburne3

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