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Invited papers

Australian pastures and their management

The management of Australian pastures
R.D.B. Whalley

Crop Sequences, Crop Pasture Rotations and Soil Fertility

Crop Sequences, Crop Pasture Rotations and Soil Fertility
J.S. Russell

Land resources and horticultural production

Soil management for high productivity in horticulture
K.A. Olsson and B. Cockroft

Land use and catchment management

Land use and management of water supply catchments
A. Mitchell1 and P.N. King2

Surface management of arable soils

Land management for crop production
R.G. Fawcett

Genetic exploitation of the environment

Genetic exploitation of the environment - field crops and pastures
D.E. Byth1, R.J. Clements2 and J.R. Syme3

Plant improvement in horticulture: the case for fruit breeding
Michael G. Mullins

Improved plant management

Improved plant management - field crops and pastures
P.T. Mearsl and E.J. Corbin2

The prospects for improved productivity of stone and pome fruit crops from improved plant management
D.J. Chalmers

Insect, disease and weed management

Control of insects
J.W. Turner

The challenge of crop disease management
Phillip Kable1 and Barbara Ballantyne2

Weed management in Australian rural production, 1980-1990
J.T. Swarbrick

Optimisation of plant nutrition

Optimization of plant nutrition-improving the efficiency of fertilizer use
W.J. Cox1 and A.D. Robson2

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