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Stream 3: Partnerships/networking and institutions

Volumetric conversion in SE South Australia – changing perceptions, mindsets and knowledge barriers before changing water licences
Author: Ross Carruthers, Brian Latcham and Shannon Pudney

Sustaining communities by learning from integrated assessments of place
Author: Dick Osborn1 and Mike Mcfarlane2

A National extension approach supporting regional paradigms – lessons from the Grain & Graze program
Author: Gillian Stewart

Knowledge Partnerships 1: What can knowledge partnerships offer agricultural industries? - Early learnings from the FutureDairy project
Author: Ruth Nettle and Sean Kenny2

Knowledge partnerships 2: extension juggling multidisciplinarity in the field – early learning’s from the FutureDairy project
Author: Sean Kenny1 and Ruth Nettle2

Pathways to sustainable community cooperation through strengthened organisational links
Author: Ken Keith and Helen Ross

Gaining with growers – lessons from a successful alliance of Western Australian farming system groups
Author: Tracey M. Gianatti

Engaging Maori in research about land: some challenges to achieving acceptable outcomes for both Maori and a crown agency
Author: Orewa Barrett-Ohia

Footprints for the Future through Local Area Planning
Author: Jennifer Pagon

Farmers, extension and science – working together
Author: Mike Bramley1, Denise Bewsell2

TRIED and TRUE or just plain TIRED?
Author: Rosie Hannah1, Mark Downey2 and John Whiting3

Fish for the future. An assessment of fishery conservation policies in the Philipines – for extensionists
Author: Maria Rebecca Campos

Research or extension? Scientists participating in collaborative catchment management
Author: Sonya Love1,2, Mark Paine2, Alice Melland1 and Cameron Gourley 1

Developing policy strategies for natural resource management using human behaviour theories
Author: Terry Parminter

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