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APEN 2001 International Conference

Toowoomba, 4th-5th October 2001

Report No:


Title of Topic:

Do We Want an APEN Writers Circle?

Name of Leader:

Mark Paine

Names of Participants:

Maria Rose; Lucia Boxelaar; Ian Tarbotton; Pat Page; Megan Connelly; Sean Kenny; Peter Holden; Irene Kernot; Horrie Poussard; Terry Parminter; John Petheram; Ruth Nettle; Anne Crawford; Virginia Cardenis; Rosemary Curry; Jane Fisher; John McKenzie; Michelle Rolings; Daniel Armstrong; Chris Linekan; Tania Grundy; Warwick Easdowne; Wendy McLeish; Dean Holland; Fiona Johnson; Chris Anderson

Main points of discussion

We had a discussion on the merits of having a writers circle which we decide was a worthwhile initiative if it operated as a virtual group for fostering improved writing skills among extension workers (similar to the notion of a book club in terms of being an informal and enjoyable experience).


  • exchange emails among participants
  • post article/month to the group
  • constructive review provided to the article
  • group can suggest appropriate audiences for the article
  • the circle has a structure to handle different segments of media and audiences
  • Link with APEN chapters for training (eg. WA initiative)
  • Aim for circle to produce 1 paper to issue of AJAE (quarterly)
  • archiving (could be linked with AJAE)
  • ground rules for participation (need preparation and agreement by circle)
  • Mentoring roles organised within circle
  • Fostering co-authoring of articles
  • Expansion of extensionNet role (i.e. Electronic version for
  • Cross referencing of articles
  • APEN database of articles published in other disciplinary publication (like social science citation index)

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