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Workshop 3 - Participatory Extension



The aim of this evaluation is to provide an understanding of the effectiveness of the National Forum 2000. The results will be used to assess the success for the Forum, determine if it is worth running similar events in the future and how improvement could be made.


What is one phrase you remember from this the last session?

  • National Extension Policy/ Strategy needs to be developed;
  • Farmer Field School (2);
  • Participation; and
  • Biotic pest control learned from nature by farmers makes good ecological balance.


What were the highlights (or the best part) of the last session?

  • The chance to share perspectives on the participatory extension from different domains: Policy, Practice, Planning etc. and group presentations;
  • Video – very inspiring (3);
  • The group discussions (2);
  • Field research by farmers; and
  • Some networking was good.

What were the disappointments (or the worst part) of the last session?

  • Over-ambition re time and what attempted (2);
  • Group exercise – Not clear what guidelines were;
  • None – it was great (2);
  • We had another good discussion where we agreed with each other – so where to now?


What new vantage point has this workshop given you?

  • Many folk in extension are increasing their interest and activity in (extension) policy development and the role of facilitation in policy development;
  • Farmer driven systematic research;
  • The way in which extension officers view themselves;
  • Policy for extension;
  • Research and development for extension; and
  • Really about FFS – I have a question on how adaptable it is to non-IPM issues?


What do you think should be done differently if this session was to be run again?

  • Bit more direction on group exercise;
  • None (2);
  • Field observation/ demonstration; and
  • Try to do less – basically OK.

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