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Workshop 1 Program

Facilitator: Chris Sounness

Workshop 1 - Technology in Extension and Evaluation

A 2.45 hour session on how the Internet can aid the modern extension professional "Create a Climate for Change".


2.15pm Panel 1 Warwick Easdown, Vera Lubczenko, Alan Shanks

3.10pm Panel 2 Tony Eyres and Shane Mahony

3.45 Afternoon Tea and interactive display of technology.

Each of the speakers will demonstrate their technology and participants are encouraged to observe and interact with the various presenters.

4.20 Mark Needham - Farmwide

4.40 Tony Lewis - Ethics and the Internet

5.00 Close

Learning and the Internet. Warwick Easdown, Rural Education Centre, Gatton

  • The difference between formal and informal learning.
  • The lack of rural interest in formal education courses (online or otherwise).
  • The need for a hierarchy of training in the informal use of the internet from
  • Learning to access information
  • Learning to connect with useful people
  • Learning to earn: e-commerce and online training
  • The implications for extension
  • Anecdotal stories of successful use of the internet by farmers

Developing Extension Packages Electronically Alan Shanks, Agriculture Victoria Knoxfield

Agriculture Victoria - Knoxfield has recently completed their first online unit for the TAFE Virtual Campus (, called Phosphine Online. This course provides training for users of the commodity fumigant Phosphine looking at issues of storage, handling and operator safety. Alan Shanks will discuss the issues of adapting this complex subject to suit the needs of the online environment.

The Internet Data Black Hole. Vera Lubczenko, Waterwatch Victoria

With increasing use of the Internet, the challenge for program managers is to explore practical ways to use the technology. Waterwatch has come up with a website tool to more easily present, interpret and use community collected Waterwatch data. This presentation will focus on use of the Internet to display Waterwatch data collected for Snapshot 2000.

Communicating with members: how the BCG uses the Web. Tony Eyres,Birchip Cropping Group

Tony will talk on the Birchip Cropping Group and how the group uses the web to provide information to members. The development of a partnership with University of Ballarat and how a "Networking the Nation" grant is being used to improve member services and improve information delivery.

Internet as a Tool in Communication. Shane Mahoney, ABC Rural

Shane will discuss using the Internet as a supporting tool in getting messages across to rural communities. Distributing information to a rural audience using the Internet.

What the Customer Wants. Mark Needham, Farmwide Australia

Looking at what rural people and communities want from the Internet. How they are using the Internet and how they are going to use it in the future.

Ethics and the Internet. Tony Lewis, Latrobe University

The Internet is a relatively recent innovation that has the potential to diffuse a broad range of information and educational content within the farming community. However, within an ethical context, the emphasis shifts from the adoption and use of the technology, to the conduct of the professionals who wish to utilise the Internet in their endeavours to influence farming and business practices within their client groups. This presentation will quickly establish a "common language" by defining some key ethical concepts, and stimulate discussion by introducing several important ethical considerations that may impact on the design and delivery of some extension services.

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