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Stream 2: Multiple scales of practice change

Feeding the Cities – Case studies from Australia, Brazil, USA and Canada exploring the role of urban agriculture and rural family farms in community food security
Author: Peta Christensen and Ben Neil

LANDSCANTM – delivering extension on a landscape basis.
Author: Mike Keys1, Clare Edwards2, Bruce Clements3 and Peter Orchard4

Exploring possibilities for extension to protect water quality
Author: Neels Botha, Terry Parminter and Hein Roth1

The Sustainable Farm Families Project: Changing Farmer Attitudes to Health
Author: Susan Brumby1, John Martin2 and Stuart Willder3

Information and training needs of Australian chicken meat and egg producers
Author: Alison Spencer1, Paul Kent1 and Kevin Whithear2

Conflict and contradiction – observations on a sense of well-being in a farming community
Author: Stephen Routledge

Resettlement of people through consensus
Author: Laxman Perera

The four determinants of behaviour
Author: Ian Plowman

Committing to Place: museum outreach as NRM extension
Author: Frank Vanclay1, Ruth Lane2, Damian Lucas1, Jo Wills1, Ian Coates3, and Sophie Henry1

The past compounded by the present: ecological challenges and decisions for peri-urban and amenity agricultural landscapes.
Author: Fiachra Kearney and Neil MacLeod

Extension through education programs with kids - who are we educating?
Author: Jessica Connor1,2, Dr Margaret Hay2 and Professor Grahame Coleman2

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