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Think globally: act locally

Subhash Chander Sharma and Subhash Rani Sharma

Youth Services, Rotary International, Dist. 3090, Punjab, India


Sustainable development has become the buzz-word in International parlance.Every agency almost every country is debating this issue at various fora. In India for example a lot of controversy has surrounded major development projects such as Sardar Sarovar dam on the River Narmada, the Chilka Lake in Orissa, the Konkan railways, the East coast road. The process of resolving the perceived conflict between environment and development in all these issues is a billion dollar question - against the backdrop of growth in population and modern man's indiscriminate and unbridled exploitation of environment to gratify ever-growing appetite for material prosperity.

This poster depict a modest experiment by a Rotary Club, to protect the environment by planting saplings at several institutions, especially the lepers colony at Patiala. The project brought us into contact with various other NGOs who have contributed to the development of the colony, ushering in a new era of co-operation and sustainable development. Now that little community has a temple, improved sanitation, a common playground, a nursery of fruit trees, a park with shady trees. Numerous doctors visit them to take care of medical needs. Banks and other institutions have made available wheelchairs and rickshaws to increase mobility. Literacy and school enrolments have risen while morbidity and mortality have declined. This mini-model of community development is becoming a valuable model of community development for various social service groups.

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