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Evaluation Session 2: Currents for Change I

Kellyanne Semple


The aim of this evaluation is to provide an understanding of the effectiveness of the National Forum 2000. The results will be used to assess the success for the Forum, determine if it is worth running similar events in the future and how improvement could be made.


What is one phrase you remember from this the last session?

  • Whether R&D in business of change or research;
  • "We’ve go to get out of the closet";
  • The helicopter;
  • Andrew Campbell – "dig at geneticist to revitalise Tassie Tiger";
  • Mike Stevens – "We’re expecting a lot of involvement from producers and must recognise they are busy people";
  • "Extension staff should get their act together!"; and
  • Funding bodies/ extensionists need better communication.


What were the highlights (or the best part) of the last session?

  • Little discussion groups (2);
  • Being a researcher, not overly informative but can see their needs to be a connection between funding bodies, researchers and extension officers;
  • DRDC – social learning – clear system where it supports extension and some useful hints on projects to follow up on;
  • Andrew Campbell – comments and presentation; and
  • Recognition that extension is important.

What were the disappointments (or the worst part) of the last session?

  • R&D Corporations – old fashion view of extension and how change is achieved;
  • Hard to find what looking for in extension projects;
  • Buzz groups too short (2);
  • Too many speakers – repeating the same message i.e. one or two good speakers and more discussion is preferred (2); and
  • More emphasis on extension methods than what happened!


What new vantagepoint has this workshop given you?

  • None;
  • Need to work together;
  • No big new thing, reaffirmed thoughts of shifts that need to be made between research corporations and extension; and
  • Good to see R&D groups and that they have a stronger focus on extension – moving away from old type to team approach – better way (2).


What do you think should be done differently if this session was to be run again?

  • More time made available for presentations or encourage speakers to prepare shorter talks so they can get through;
  • What about the end products? How do we get people involved?
  • Longer buzz groups (2);
  • More networking;
  • More interaction; and
  • Less repetition.

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