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Evaluation Session 4: Campaigns for Change and Currents for Change II

Kellyanne Semple


The aim of this evaluation is to provide an understanding of the effectiveness of the National Forum 2000. The results will be used to assess the success for the Forum, determine if it is worth running similar events in the future and how improvement could be made.


What is one phrase you remember from this the last session?

  • Must assign accountability;
  • "Controlled controversy" (2); and
  • Targeting education programs with emotional and controversial messages and methods.


What were the highlights (or the best part) of the last session?

  • TAC man articulate about behaviour change;
  • TAC Presentation – interesting strong messages for application to extension; and
  • TAC presentation – good to hear what other (i.e. non Ag. or NRM) organisations are doing to progress their extension/education programs and practices.

What were the disappointments (or the worst part) of the last session?

  • The group focussed on research;
  • Some of the presentations were a bit dry or serious; and
  • Lack of question time. Would be better to have less speakers – very rushed.


What new vantage point has this workshop given you?

  • People outside Ag. and resources are doing extension;
  • That extension is changing…… Enjoyed the insight into TAC extension
  • Strategies of NHT; and
  • Good that policy makers realise that length of tenure – influences the extension activities.


What do you think should be done differently if this session was to be run again?

  • Match listener expectations;
  • Potentially – less speakers and more question time? Many of the speakers appeared rushed, which compromised their presentations to some extent.

Other Comment

  • Over all: Very informative and useful session. Well done!!

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