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APEN 2001 International Conference

Toowoomba, 4th-5th October 2001

Hot Topic No


Final Title of Topic

Extension as a Business – Communicating our success

Name of Leader

Margaret Cruickshank and Roger Sneath

Names of Participants

Rowland Holmes, Alison Spencer, John Day, Graham Wilson, Darren Schmidt, Vanessa Hood, Dana Kelly, Tonia Grundy, Phil McCullough, Nigel Rogers, Hamish Putt, Mike Bramley, Mandi McLeod, Emily Jenke, Selina Handley

The Desired Outcome: To put our heads together to Reinvigorate and revitalised extension service

Full Action Plan to achieve that Outcome

What needs to be done

By When

By Whom

  • Collectively write a discussion paper about how project staff can quantify and qualify in a format that is meaningful to treasury and government so senior staff can actually see benefits so we can keep our jobs.
  • Individually plan and incorporate a targeted communication strategy into our individual programs / projects.
  • Encourage everyone to buy or borrow marketing / communication books, and talk with people who are good at it. (maybe who moved my cheese too!)
  • Who do we need to get involved to help us plan well?
  • Mentoring – identify who has done it well within or outside our organisation

Immediate steps required after this meeting

1. Establish email group for participants in this session

2. Circulate our records from the session

Total resources required (identify funding, people, time, etc)


Who will champion this topic after today?

Roger and Margaret and each individual

How will progress be communicated?

Hamish Putt will send a reminder after 1 and 4 months from now for us to all communicate our successes and issues in progressing towards extension as a business.

Other comments you wish to have documented...

We can all take responsibility individually to promote our successes leading to a collective profile raising of extension as a profession that achieves great outcomes

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