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Towards a conceptual model for human responses to biosecurity issues

Tracy Payne1, Geoff Kaine2, Denise Bewsell1

1 AgResearch Ltd, East Street, Private Bag 3123, Hamilton, New Zealand. Email,

2 Department of Primary Industries Victoria, Tatura Email


There are numerous models outlining adoption and compliance behaviour drawing on concepts from fields such as psychology, marketing and geography. However we are interested in the space between adoption and compliance, that is, people’s responses to imposed actions specifically when addressing biosecurity issues. To this end we have developed a conceptual model that draws on complex decision making theory. The model includes motives, experiences, traits, self efficacy, collective efficacy and values, along with context and promotion. This conceptual model attempts to explain why people respond to particular actions, and thus offers some insight into how best to communicate to different groups about biosecurity issues. However the model requires more work and we are seeking people’s input to help develop our ideas further.

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