Table Of Contents

Non-refereed papers

A farm management economics approach to extension: Water use efficiency on irrigated dairy farms in northern Victoria and southern NSW
Daniel Armstrong

Relationship and needs based marketing of Futureprofit: TheSureFireThing
John Barker1, Karen George2, Lew Markey3, Rachele Morton4

Challenges for contemporary extension: The case of biofertiliser inVietnam
Galina Barrett1 and Sally Marsh2

Rethinking action research: Theory and extension practice
Ruth Beilin1 and Lucia Boxelaar2

Navigator: A different approach to initiating change in agriculture
Katherine Boon1 and Patricia Murray2

Assisting Indigenous extension services: Key guidelines for training and development of extension officers dealing with Indigenous communities
Dave Brown1 and Derek Foster2

Measuring impacts of an holistic farm business management training program
Donald Cameron and Shankariah Chamala

Dynamic partnerships are the key to successful socio-environmental outcomes
Helen Clarke1 and Rick Kowitz2

Cooperation, collaboration and common sense: Towards a National Extension Framework for Australia
Jeff Coutts1, Jock Douglas2 and Andrew Campbell3

Bestprac: Focused action to impact on performance in the rangeland wool industry
Kathryn Egerton-Warburton1 and David Sparks2

Grapecheque: Using Bennett's Hierarchy to implement change in the Victorian viticultural industry
Jane Fisher1, Rebecca Dunstone2, Megan Hill3, Stephen Kelly4 John Whiting3

A case study of how a small-scale evaluation led to large-scale change
Penny Floyd1, Rabi Maskey2 and Jason Trompf3

A participatory action learning model proves of value to the beef cattle live export industry
Felicity Hill1 and Ross Dodt2

Community participation: The key to managing Queensland's freshwater fishery
Michelle Hollaway

Using a ‘POP’ and the ‘PAM planning cycle’ in a workshop
Colin Holt

Extension’s Big Bang and Genealogy: How long-run history can inform current and future practice
Jess Jennings1 and Roger Packham2

A process for practice: Learning for action in dairy extension
Sean Kenny1 and Mark Paine2

Advancing negotiation in extension practice to better enable chosen and unchosen change: Negotiating New Extension in the Department of Natural Resources & Mines
Greg Leach

The role of science communication in natural resource planning: A case study in the Central Highlands of Queensland
Anne Leitch1, Jenny Bellamy1 , Allan Dale2 and Lynda Pollock3

"Clearing the fog from the window": A qualitative case study in viticultural extension
Nicki Marks1 and Jane Fisher2

Using the Better Practices Process to improve performance
Andrew McCartney1, Fleur Tonge2 and Elwyn Rea3

Finding out what the client wants and giving it to them
Wendy McLeish1, Bob Armstrong2, Geoffrey Knights3

Hip pockets and aflatoxin: A positive model for change in the peanut industry
Greg Mills, Graeme Wright, Nageswararao C. Rachaputi, Jim Mackson, Alan Broome, Jeff Tatnell, Steven Krosch

Dairy farm employment relationships and the challenge to the "work" of extension
Ruth Nettle1, Dr. Mark Paine2, Dr. John Petheram3

Organisational change within DPI: Minimising (t)errors and seizing opportunities?
Valerie Sapin

Information in extension: A poverty of theory
Darren Schmidt

Maintaining links with stakeholders in partnership extension models: Lessons learnt from TOPCROP West
Leanne J. Schulz 1, Christine E. Storer2 and Roy Murray-Prior3 Ms Tresslyn Walmsley4

Innovations in forestry teaching and learning: Lessons from the Australian Master TreeGrower Program
Peter Stephen and Rowan Reid

Information sources preferred by farmers in using price risk tools
Storer, Christine E.1, Thunder, Phillipa S. 2 and Murray-Prior, Roy3

Participatory approach to identify sustainable dairy industry needs for the design of R, D&E actions in Australia and Brazil
Sergio Rustichelli Teixeira1 ,Shankariah Chamala1,Tom Cowan2

Different pebbles, same pond: ‘Farming styles’ in the Loddon catchment of Victoria
Don Thomson

The future -- not what it used to be: Global trends and extension
Britt Toscano

Facilitated recruitment increases participation in the paired-paddock program
Jason Trompf1 and Peter Sale1

A framework for planning and self-evaluating dairy extension programs
Peter Wegener

Monitoring coastal marine habitats and waterways: Government and community partnerships in action
Brad Zeller1, Andrew Petroeschevsky2 and Christina Dwyer2