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Stream descriptions

Stream 1: The approaches, methods and tools used in extension/practice change programs

Description: This stream is about the range of different approaches, methods & tools we use to achieve practice change. Highlighting the learnings on how the application of their chosen methods or tools influenced practice change or why methods or tools were chosen.

Stream 2: The multiple scales (issue specific project to community or landscape) at which extension/practice change is applied

Description: This stream examines the range of different scales at which we strive to affect practice change. From one person to catchment; state, national or international levels; industry to landscapes. How do we determine appropriate scale, or deal with scaling-up our programs?

Stream 3: The partnerships/networking and institutional arrangements necessary for extension/practice change to be effective

Description: This stream examines both the partnerships and networks that are involved in practice change and the institutional, policy and governance frameworks which impact on how practice change is delivered.

Stream 4: The social context in which extension/practice change operates

Description: Explores the human and behavioural elements that influence whether and how change occurs - in practice, human or community capacity, or other contexts in which we work .

Stream 5: The evaluation/reflection frameworks for monitoring the performance of extension/practice change

Description: Explores different approaches to evaluation and reflection on our work. and examples of studies to determine the extent of change that has been achieved through our programs.

Stream 6: Sustaining the development of the ‘practice’ and the practitioner of extension/practice change

Description: Focuses on the development of extension/practice change as a discipline and the professional development of practitioners.

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