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Beating Botrytis – Grower reactions to regional workshops

John Whiting

Department of Primary Industries, PO Box 3100, Bendigo Delivery Centre, Victoria, Australia, 3554.


Botrytis bunch rot is a persistent and devastating disease problem for grape growers. In wine grapes excessive rot creates wines that lack flavour, oxidise rapidly and adds to the cost of processing the fruit. To improve grower knowledge and skills in managing Botrytis, a series of workshops were conducted in 2004 across the cool wine growing regions of Victoria, Australia. This is a report of the results of the evaluation activities built into the workshops. The aims of the workshops were to present the latest information on the biology and management of Botrytis (gleaned from associated field trials) along with practical activities based around a checklist approach for managing the disease. The format was based around adult learning principles to facilitate learning and enhance the adoption of new practices. As a result of the workshops, many growers changed their attitude to managing the disease and growers were more confident in being able to address the problem. The poster will discuss grower reactions to the workshop and the change in confidence in managing Botrytis.

Three key learnings: (1) it was important to ‘road-test’ new Botrytis management strategies with growers prior to the workshops, (2) a mix of learning methods enhanced the uptake of new ideas on managing Botrytis, and (3) a range of evaluation activities during the workshops monitored changes in knowledge, attitude and confidence.

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