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Congress Awards

The Congress awards have been presented at each triennial World Congress on Allelopathy:

1st World Congress: Cadiz, Spain, September 16-20, 1996.

2nd World Congress: Thunder Bay, Canada,August 8-13, 1999

3rd World Congress: Tsukuba, Japan,August 26-30, 2002.

The Molisch Award

The Molisch Award recognises outstanding academic achievement and/or service relating to the field of allelopathy. The award is named in acknowledgement of the outstanding research undertaken by Prof Hans Molisch who coined the term allelopathy in 1937.

Past winners of the Molisch award are:

1996: Dr Elroy L. Rice

1999: Prof Udo Blum

2002: Dr Steven Duke

The Grodzinsky Award

The Grodzinsky Award recognises the best single publication or book relating to allelopathy. The award acknowledges the outstanding career of A. Grodzinsky who is considered to be the father of allelopathy undertaking his work in what was the Soviet Union.

Past winners of the Grodzinsky award are:

1996: Dr S.J.H. Rizvi and Dr. V. Rizvi

1999: Dr Inderjit

2002: Prof Azim Mallik

The Rice Award

The Rice Award recognises the best single paper or article presented by a student at a symposium sponsored by the IAS. The award acknowledges the contribution Elroy L. Rice made to the field of allelopathy.

Past winners of the Rice award are:

1996: Dr Ana Olivia

1999: Dr Louise Bach-Jensen

2002: Dr Regina Belz

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