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Novel Approaches

Genomic approaches to understanding allelochemical modes of action and defenses against allelochemicals
Author: Stephen O. Duke1, Scott R. Baerson1, Zhiqiang Pan1, Isabelle A. Kagan1, Adela Sánchez-Moreiras2, Manuel J. Reigosa2, Nuria Pedrol-Bonjoch3 and Margot Schulz4

Research findings and strategies to reduce risks of the bioherbicide, Myrothecium verrucaria.
Author: Robert E. Hoagland1, C. Douglas Boyette1, Mark A. Weaver1, and Hamed K. Abbas2

cis-Jasmone as an allelopathic agent through plant defence induction
Author: John A. Pickett, Michael A. Birkett, Toby J.A. Bruce, Keith Chamberlain, Ruth Gordon-Weeks, Michaela C. Matthes, Carolina B. Moraes, Johnathan A. Napier, Lesley E. Smart, Lester J. Wadhams and Christine M. Woodcock

Essential oils as allelochemicals
Author: Despina Vokou

The use of mathematical modelling in allelopathy
Author: Min An

Allelopathy in South China agroecosystems
Author: Luo Shiming

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