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A comparative study of microencapsulation agents and techniques for vitamin fortification of cereal foods
Author: S. Birch1, L. Bui2 and D.M. Small1

Pulse incorporation and microencapsulation strategies to enhance the nutritional attributes of Asian noodle products
Author: J. Harvey and D.M. Small

The effect of peroxidase on the texture and colour of white salted noodles
Author: L. Cato, A.L. Halmos and D.M. Small

Use of the rapid visco analyser (RVA) to predict the impact of fibres on in-vitro viscosity under simulated gastric conditions
Author: K. Germaine 1, 2, 4, K.J. Quail 1, 4, S. Samman 2 and C. Fryiers 3, 4

Effect of chewing versus mechanical breakdown on in-vitro starch digestibility of grain based foods
Author: K. Germaine1, K.J. Quail2 and S. Samman3

A genome-wide approach to better wheat grain fractionation during milling
Author: L Watson, S McIntosh, P Bundock, G Cordeiro, D Barbary, A Crawford, J White, L Rooke and R.J. Henry

The incorporation of okara as an ingredient during processing of Asian noodles
Author: T. Wong, F. Sherkat and D.M. Small

Re-evaluation of analysis procedures for phytoestrogen compounds in soy products
Author: T. Wong, F. Sherkat and D.M. Small

Phytoestrogen contents in Australian commercial beancurd (tofu) products
Author: T. Wong, F. Sherkat and D.M. Small

Grain quality of fragrant rice: distribution of 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline in tissues of paddy rice
Author: K. Philpot1, A. Aryan1 and J. Oliver,2

The gene for fragrance in rice
Author: L.M.T Bradbury, T.L. Fitzgerald, R.J. Henry, Q. Jin, D.L.E. Waters

High sequence diversity and multiple copies of Gsp-1 genes in wheat and implications for grain hardness
Author: K. Smith, P. Gollan, P. Pickering and M. Bhave

A comparative study of microencapsulated acids for flat and loaf breads
Author: O.M. Al-Widyan and D.M. Small

The incorporation of microencapsulated food acids into Arabic bread formulation and the impacts on storage characteristics
Author: O.M. Al-Widyan and D.M. Small

A scanning electron microscope study of endosperm morphology in native grains
Author: F.M. Shapter1, M Dawes2, L.S. Lee1, R.H. Henry1

Evaluation of alkaline extraction for obtaining starch and protein from Australian lentil cultivars, Matilda and Digger
Author: H.C. Lee1, A.K. Htoon2 and J.L. Paterson1

The application of differential scanning calorimetry to a study of gelatinisation of commercial mung bean starch
Author: H.J. Lee, R.A. Shanks and D.M. Small

The effects of sample storage and handling on differential scanning calorimetry of commercial mung bean starch
Author: H.J. Lee, R.A. Shanks and D.M. Small

Functional properties of enzymatically hydrolysed wheat gluten
Author: S.K. Bhail1,3 and L. Day2,3

Effects of nutritional treatments on protein content, dough functionality and pasta cooking quality of durum wheat cultivars
Author: M.C. Gianibelli1, E. Larkin2, C. Kidd2, M.J. Sissons3

Study of lipid-protein interactions in gluten using a 3-step solvent extraction and acetic acid fractionation techniques
Author: T. McCann1, 3, D.M. Small1 and L. Day2, 3

Relationships between yield, protein and mineral concentrations in brown rice
Author: G.D. Batten1,2 ,Y. Hamada1,3 and L.C. Campbell1,4

New instruments to monitor and manage sprout damage
Author: J.M.C. Dang1, M.L. Bason1, M.M. van Gasselt1, S.J. Neil1, and R.I. Booth1

Changes in pasting properties of 12 Australian rice cultivars
Author: S. D. Siah1,5, F-X. Lauvray1,3,5, C.L. Blanchard1,5, A. Bishop2, S. Agboola1 and P. Williams4,5

The effect of milling on rice quality
Author: C. Chin1,6,7, M. Bornert1,3,6,7, F-X. Lauvray1,4,6, A. Bishop2, A. Clark1, D. Ryan2, P. Williams5,6 and C.L. Blanchard1,6,7

Predicting the quality of the Australian wheat crop – a feasibility study
Author: A.M. Drake1, G.L. Hammer2, G.L. Hammer3, A.B. Potgieter2, G. McLean2, D. Butler2

The development of a rapid dough bread baking method using a doughlab
Author: H.M. Allen, D.K. Pleming and J.K. Pumpa

Effects of repeated freezing and thawing treatments on retrogradation of starch in rice
Author: T. Maeda1, N. Matsuura2, T. Utsunomiya2, T. Sitsuji2 and N. Morita2

Composition of volatile flavor obtained from polished-graded flours and breads by a steam distillation method
Author: J.H. Kim1, T. Maeda2, N. Morita1

Volatile flavour compounds obtained from polished-graded flour and breads by a steam distillation method
Author: J. H. Kim1, T. Maeda2 and N. Morita1

Effect of krill powder on baking properties and its application to bread crumbs having low oil-absorbing ability
Author: M. Tomita1, T. Maeda2, Y. Maehara3, M. Yamaoka3 and N. Morita3

Storage properties of bread made from hard-type polished-graded wheat flours
Author: T. Maeda1, N. Matsuura2 and N. Morita2

Formation of an unusual product by extraction of wheat flour with hydroxylamine
Author: R.E. Asenstorfer and D.J. Mares

Australian grain industry expert panel image analysis for detection of defective grains
Author: S.R. Openshaw1, J. Lowien2 and J. Marszal3

Measuring rice grain dimensions with an image analyser
Author: B.G. Armstrong1,2,4, G.P. Aldred1,4 , T.A. Armstrong1,2, A.B. Blakeney3,4 and L.G. Lewin4

Commonalities in quality requirements of wheat products.
Author: R.L. Cracknell, G.B. Crosbie, A.B. Blakeney, D.M. Miskelly, L. O’Brien, K.J. Quail, C.T. Westcott and R.M. Williams.

Study of cadmium in Australian wheat
Author: L.B Swinden1 and M.B Millikan1,2

A comparison of instrumental techniques used to discriminate the cooking quality of spaghetti
Author: M.J. Sissons1,2, L. Schlichting3, N. Egan1, N. Ames4, C. Rhymer4, B. Marchylo3 and I.L. Batey2,5,6

A brief history of the R.A.C.I. cereal chemistry division
Author: A.B. Blakeney

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