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6: Biomolecular Aspects of Analysis, Food and Health

Variety identification to suit the needs of industry
Author: S. Uthayakumaran, I.L. Batey and C.W. Wrigley

Genetic mapping of the pdi genes of wheat and synteny between these and the esp2 locus of rice
Author: J.C. Johnson1, R. Appels2 and M. Bhave3

Food for thought: the impact of diet & exercise on type 2 diabetes: a diabetes educators perspective
Author: L. Spokes

Self-assembling protein systems: potential applications of cereal proteins in materials science
Author: K.H. Sutton1, J.A. Gerrard1,2, J.P. Healy2, N.G. Larsen1, S.P. Rao1,2, and S.H. Waterhouse1

Building analytical test kits; molecular biology, the next step forward for megazyme
Author: B.V. McCleary and A. M. Kennedy

Using metabolomics as a functional genomics tool to understand abiotic stress adaptation and tolerance in cereals
Author: U. Roessner-Tunali1, C. Huang2, K. Oldach2, M. Widodo1, M.G. Forbes1, P. Langridge2, M. Tester2, G.B. Fincher2, A. Bacic1

The rise and rise of the genome
Author: B. Kennedy and R.J. Henry

Current status of R&D in golden rice
Author: G. Barry

From farmers to pharmas
Author: J Mahoney

Traceability: options to manage the cereal grain supply chain
Author: A. R. Bridges

Fructans exacerbate gastrointestinal symptoms in irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease
Author: J.G. Muir, S.J. Shepherd, O.R. Rosella, P.R. Gibs

Human health from analysis of plant genomes
Author: R.J. Henry

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