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9th Australian Barley Technical Symposium

Quality Image And Imagination Drives Australian Wheat Marketing
Author: Vince Alisauskas

The National Barley Molecular Marker Program – achievements and future directions
Author: Andrew Barr and Peter Langridge

The heritability of malt extract predicted using NIR spectroscopy
Author: A.R. Barr, S. Roumeliotis, S.J. Logue and S.P. Jefferies

Variation in Starch Properties of Some Schooner Barleys
Author: I.L. BateyA and M.Glennie-HolmesB

The Behaviour of Transgenic Cereals in Brewing
Author: E.Denise Baxter and Miles A. Schofield

Emergence and Establishment Problems of Hulless Barley – A Possible Solution.
Author: A.J. Box, S.P. Jefferies and A.R. Barr.

Functional Analysis of β-Glucan Synthase Genes Using Virus-Induced Gene Silencing (VIGS).
Author: R.A. BurtonA, D.M. GibeautA, A. BacicB, K. FindlayC, K. RobertsC, D.C. BaulcombeD and G.B. FincherA

A Study of the Physical, Biochemical and Genetic Factors Influencing Malt Extract
Author: HM CollinsA, SJ LogueA, SP JefferiesA, IM StuartB and AR BarrA

Validating Quantitative Trait Loci for Diastatic Power in Populations of Malting Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Author: Stewart CoventryA,B, Andrew BarrA, Stephen JefferiesA,B, Kenneth ChalmersB, Sue LogueA,B, and Peter LangridgeB,C

Effects of Irrigation and Nitrogen Fertiliser on Yield and Quality of Malting Barley Grown in Canterbury, New Zealand
Author: J.M. de RuiterA, J.E. ArmitageB, B.W. CameronC

The Use of Wild Barley (Hordeum vulgare ssp. spontaneum) in Breeding for Quality and Adaptation.
Author: J.K. EglintonA, D.E. EvansA, A.H.D. BrownB, P. LangridgeA, G. McDonaldA, S.P. JefferiesA and A.R. BarrA.

Determinants of Grain Size in Malting Barley
Author: N.A. FettellA, D.B. MoodyB, N. LongC and R.G. FloodB

Identification Of Molecular Markers For Blotch Diseases In The North
Author: Merrill Fordyce1 and Greg Platz1

Barley Grain Colour Determination Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Author: Glen Fox1, Brian Osborne2and Maria Sulman1

Standardisation Of Diastatic Power Method For Barley Breeding Programs
Author: Glen Fox1, Sue Logue2, Stefan Harasymow3, Helen Taylor4, Monica Ratcliffe5, Sophie Roumeliotis2, Karyn Onley1, Phillipa Tansing2, Ros Ferguson1, Malcolm Glennie-Holmes4, Andy Inkerman1, Allen Tarr3, Belinda Evans5, Joe Panozzo5, Abdalla Osman1 and Alison Smith4

Application of Spectrophotometric Analysis of Soluble Nitrogen in a Barley Improvement Program
Author: R.L.Fox, S.J.Logue, S.Roumeliotis and A.R.Barr

Working Together - A Japanese Brewing Company’s Barley Breeding Strategy
Author: Kensuke Fukuda, Susumu Takahashi and Yoshiro Aida

Molecular Markers for Wild Barley-Derived Scald Resistance Genes
Author: Ruth K. GengerA, Anthony H.D. BrownA, Katherine NesbittB, Jeremy J. BurdonA

The specific localization of (1→3,1→4)-β-glucanase isoenzymes EI and EII in germinated barley grain
Author: C. E. GibsonA, R.A. BurtonA, M. SedgleyB, S. LogueA, L.C. MacLeodC and G. B. FincherA

Germplasm for Ameliorating Production Constraints
Author: C.R.Grime and W.J.R.Boyd

Resistance To Pyrenophora teres In Barley
Author: Sanjiv GuptaA, Robert LoughmanB, Reg LanceB and Mike JonesA

Predicting Barley Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF) by Near Infrared Spectroscopy and its Application in Malting Barley Quality Selection.
Author: S.E. Harasymow and A.W. Tarr

Role of the Malting and Brewing Industry Barley Technical Committee
Author: Donn Hawthorne

Studies of the Bifunctional Alpha-Amylase/Subtilisin Inhibitor from Barley
Author: 1RJ Henry, 2A Furtado, and 1KJ Scott

Genetic Screening of Australian Barley Varieties Using Microsatellite Markers
Author: T.A. HoltonA, M. CrossA, A. KarakousisB and R.J. HenryA

Activities of the EBC Barley and Malt Committee
Author: Home S.

Properties of Starch and Cell Wall Components and their Effects on Processing
Author: Home S.A, Stenholm K.B, Wilhelmson A.A and Autio K.A

Crystal Structure of a Barley β-D-Glucan Exohydrolase.
Author: M. HrmovaA, J.N. VargheseB, A.J. HarveyA, H. DriguezC, R. de GoriB and G.B. FincherA

The Role of Biotechnology in the Development of New Cereal Grains and Cereal End Products
Author: Professor C B Hudson

Australian Malting Barley Centre – Current And Future Roles
Author: P A Inkerman1, A Curtis 1, R Ferguson 1 and T E Kavanagh 2

Barley Transformation Breeding: Further Progress and Remaining Problems
Author: Jake Jacobsen, Peter Matthews, David Abbott, Ming-Bo Wang, Peter Waterhouse, Lejla Buza, Sarah Thornton, Frank Gubler

Agronomic and Breeding Value of Major Genes in an Introgression Program
Author: S.JefferiesA, A.BarrA, P.GianquittoA, C.WarnerA, J.LewisA, R.WheelerB, C.EdmonsonB, S.LogueA and C. HuntC

Barley To Brew: Video
Author: Roslyn J. Jettner

Malt Endoproteinases and How They Affect Wort Soluble Protein Levels
Author: Berne L. Jones

Growth, Development and Yield Determination in Barley
Author: M. R. Jalal Kamali and W. J. R. Boyd

Supermarket to Asia: The Challenge of Growing Food Exports
Author: Jim Kennedy

From Genome Structure To Breeding Of Wheat And Barley
Author: Peter Langridge

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Arabinoxylan Metabolism in Germinated Barley
Author: Robert Lee, Maria Hrmova, Rachel Burton and Geoffrey Fincher

Intelligent Systems for the Brewery Based on Real-Time Measurement of Biological Parameters
Author: Michael LeesA, Peter RogersA, Duncan CampbellB, Michael PecarA, David SudarmanaA

Clearing the Hurdles of Small Grain Transformation: A Molecular and Cytological Approach
Author: Koprek, T1, Cho, M-J1, Choi, HW1, Kim, HK1, Zhang, S1, Bregitzer, P2 and Lemaux, PG1

The Interplay of Public Perception Issues and Federal Regulatory Policy in Agricultural Biotechnology: A U.S. Perspective
Author: Peggy G. Lemaux, Ph.D.

Application of β-Amylase Thermostability Analysis In A Barley Improvement Program
Author: S. J. Logue, J.K. Eglinton, C. Margach, S. Roumeliotis, P. Tansing, D. E. Evans and A.R. Barr

Effects of Macro- and Micro-Nutrient Supply on Grain Yield and Malting Quality on Responsive Soils
Author: Long, N.R.; Logue, S. J.; Jefferies, S.P.; and Barr, A.R.

Transgenics: Superhighway or Road to Nowhere?
Author: John Lovett

The Effect of Lipid Binding and Starch Associated Proteins on Cereal Grain Quality
Author: Didier Marion and Jean-Paul Douliez

Transgene Segregation to Obtain Selectable Marker-Free Transformed Barley
Author: Peter Matthews, Sarah Fieg, Frank Gubler, Graham McCallum, Nadine McCarthy, Sarah Thornton, Mingbo Wang and Jake Jacobsen.

The Effects of Wet Period, Spore Concentration and Genotype on Infection of Barley by Bipolaris sorokiniana
Author: S. I. MeldrumA, H. J. OgleB, and G. J. PlatzA.

Developing Functional Malt Specifications for Improved Brewing Performance
Author: Ralph Nischwitz1, Mark Goldsmith2, Michael Lees2, Peter Rogers2 and Lesley MacLeod1

Molecular Analysis Of Wild Barley (Hordeum Spontaneum) Germplasm
Author: F. Ogbonnaya1, D. Moody1, P. Hayes2, H. Eagles1 and J. Kollmorgen1

Purification and Characterisation of Barley Malt Endoproteases
Author: A.M.OsmanA, S.M. CoverdaleA, S.E.HamiltonB, JerseyB and P.A.InkermanA

Barley Thaumatin-Like Proteins Bind Insoluble (1 → 3)-β-Glucans
Author: R.I.W. Osmond, M. Hrmova and G.B. Fincher

Development and Implementation of PCR Markers in Western Australia’s Barley Breeding Program
Author: Maxime Paris1, Robert Potter1, Reg Lance2 and Mike Jones1

Growing Gairdner Barley For Malting In Western Australia
Author: Blakely PaynterA, Kevin YoungB, Brenda ShackleyC and Roslyn JettnerD

Hordeum bulbosum is an Exploitable Source of Disease Resistance Genes for Barley Breeders
Author: R PickeringA, PA JohnstonA, EM ForbesA, GM Timmerman-VaughanA, MG CromeyA, BJ SteffensonB, I SchubertC, G ProeselerD, L ZhangE, BJ MurrayE

Chemical Control of Seed Borne Diseases of Barley
Author: G. J. Platz1, S. I. Meldrum1 and N. A. Webb2

Effects Of Foliar Diseases On Northern Region Grain Production In The 1998 Winter Cropping Season
Author: APoulsen D.M.E., AJohnston R.P., APlatz G.J., BFox G., CKelly A., ASturgess J.M., AFromm R.L., ALaufer M.J., BInkerman P.A. and CButler D.

Polymorphism in Multilocus Markers and Their Use in Construction of a Molecular Map in Barley
Author: H. Raman1, K. Sato2 and B. J. Read1

AFLP Based Bulk Segregant Analysis For Tagging Aluminium Tolerance In Barley
Author: H. Raman1, K. Sato2, J. S. Moroni1, B. J. Scott1, and. B. J. Read1

Molecular Markers and Pyramiding of Multiple Genes for Resistance to Scald in Barley
Author: H. Raman1, B. J. Read1, A. H. D. Brown2, and D. C. Abbott2

Implications of Thin Husk in Barley
Author: S. Roumeliotis, H.M. Collins, S.J. Logue, K.L. Willsmore, S.P. Jefferies and A.R. Barr

DNA Profiling Of Barley Grains – A Rapid Extraction, PCR Amplification And Detection.
Author: H.S. Saini1, M. Shepherd1, R.J. Henry1.

Genetic Diversity of Barley and Wheat for Waterlogging Tolerance in Western Australia
Author: Setter, T.L. a, Burgess, P. a, Waters, I. a, and Kuo, J. b

Improved Methods for Determination of Beer Haze Protein Derived from Malt
Author: Marian Sheehan A, Evan Evans B, and John Skerritt C

Good Malt – Good Beer?
Author: WJ Simpson

Current and Future Trends in Barley Quality Requirements
Author: Gary Spiel

The Impact Of Malt Steeping Regime On Beer Filtration Efficiency
Author: Doug StewartA, Ralph NischwitzB, Neil ColeB, Lesley MacLeodB and Evan EvansA

Potential of Isoelectric Focusing as a Screening Technique for Resistance to Black Point in Barley
Author: M. SulmanA, G. FoxA, P. WilliamsonB , M. MichalowitzB, A. InkermanA and A. OsmanA

Character Variation in Quality of Australian Barley for Alternative End Uses
Author: J.M. Washington, A.J. Box and A.R. Barr

Identification and Improvement of Components of Barley Malting Quality.
Author: R. Waugh, L. Ramsay, M.Macaulay, K. McLean, W. Thomas, R. Ellis, S. Swanston, J. Russell, L. Cardle, B. Harrower, P. Hedley, W. Powell, and G. Machray:

Grain Colour in Barley: Agronomic and Genetic Solutions
Author: Kevin J Young

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