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2001 Proceedings

A Native Grasslands Overview
Author: Darryl Cluff

Farm scale economics of native grasses
Author: 1Jim Crosthwaite and 2Bill Malcolm

Personal Experiences of Managing Native Grasses
Author: Bill and Debbie Hill

Grazing management and its influence on rooting depth of native grasses
Author: Meredith Mitchell

Effective Pasture Cropping
Author: Colin Seis

Harvesting Native Grasses - Innovation and Development in the Central West
Author: Andrew Briggs

Personal Experiences with Native Grasses
Author: Millie Nicholls

Experiences Managing Terrick Terrick National Park
Author: Mark Tscharke

Managing the grass in grassy box woodlands - or a blinding flash of the obvious
Author: Geoff Tonkin

Guiding the delimitation of local provenance for Australian native grasses.
Author: C. M. Waters

The Native Grass Seed Industry.-“The Victorian Scene”
Author: Peter Wlodarczyk

Ecology of repair and management of native grasses
Author: Colin Hocking

Balanced Soil, Balanced Water
Author: Christine Jones

Salinity in the Goulburn Broken Dryland
Author: Mark Cotter

Approaches to managing the water balance of grasslands in southeastern Australia
Author: WH (Bill) Johnston

The Dookie Bushland Reserve
Author: Adam Whitchurch and Steve Hamilton

Vegetation changes in southeast australian temperate grasslands
Author: Denys Garden1 and Terry Bolger2

Salt tolerance of some native grasses
Author: Des Lang1 and Bill Johnston2

Response of austrodanthonia species to nitrogen and phosphorus
Author: Terry Bolger1, Denys Garden2 and Bruce Reid1

Native couch grasses for saline site revegetation
Author: W.S. Semple1, I.J. Cole2 and T.B. Koen2

Roadside conservation in the rural city of wangaratta
Author: Andrew Briggs

Managing exotic species in native understorey: Some early results from the central western slopes of nsw
Author: I.J. Cole1, W.S. Semple2 and T.B. Koen1

Grass-tree/shrub interactions in a semi-arid wooded grassland after burning or grazing
Author: Ken C. Hodgkinson and Rod A. Edmundson

The grassy ecosystems network (Southeast Australia)
Author: Helen Ryan

Native and natural pasture: Perceptions in the Upper Hunter
Author: Carol Rose, Harry Rose

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