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Geoff Hamilton

Kondinin Group 51 Gurwood Street Wagga Wagga. 2650


The FarmLine mission is to provide an agricultural brokering service to assist our customers make informed decisions. To achieve this, FarmLine:

• sources the best information (independent, credible and timely);

• puts people in touch with the expertise, innovations and research;

• identifies gaps in information and responds by undertaking new projects;

• delivers professionally presented information packages;

• monitors customer feedback.

An example

A farmer from South Australia inquires through FarmLine regarding the modification of tillage equipment on his/her farm for conservation cropping. The information is retrieved from Kondinin's databases which include:

(i) a farmer contact and written information -

as a follow-up a farmer was surveyed in NSW who had the same machine and who developed an innovative solution; an article was written for publication in Farming Ahead;

(ii) a list of other contacts -

• machinery dealers and engineering contacts (local and interstate);

• machinery expert in the SA Department of Primary Industries.

The information (if urgent) is faxed with a covering letter and the customer is charged accordingly. If less urgent, this information is packaged with a covering letter and mailed.

If the customer requires advice, a consultancy is undertaken by Kondinin staff but only when inquiries relate to "in house" expertise. Inquiries outside Kondinin's expertise are referred to external experts.

To handle inquiries, FarmLine follows the following procedure:

find out what the inquirer wants → search for the information and contacts → prepare report, collate, package and dispatch information → receive feedback and respond when appropriate.

Benefits to farmers

• quick access to relevant information and contacts

• personalised service

• saving time

• FarmLine being an independent information service

Benefits to information providers

• an outlet for their information

• accelerated adoption of technology

• increased farmers' awareness of information providers

Behind the scenes

To give this type of service, a great deal goes on behind the scenes. The FarmLine team is guided by objectives to ensure the customer receives what he or she wants. These objectives are:

(i) to give a high level of customer satisfaction - customers calling FarmLine will be guaranteed a 100% response to inquiries and a fast turnaround;

(ii) to provide customers with the opportunity to obtain consultancy services - customers who are seeking advice on topics which relate to Kondinin's expertise are offered a fee for service consultancy by FarmLine;

(iii) to provide an efficient mechanism to manage the collection, storage and retrieval of information - this is the engine of FarmLine - wherever possible it will be run electronically to enhance efficiency and professionalism;

(iv) to establish relationships with providers to negotiate the access of information - FarmLine is linking with credible sources of information (in the first instance Departments of Agriculture in each State) and negotiating access and updating arrangements;

(v) to maintain and improve efficiency by evaluating all aspects of FarmLine -critical to the success of FarmLine will be logging and reporting on inquiries. To achieve this a computerised monitoring system is being installed;

(vi) to promote and market FarmLine as a commercial product integral with Kondinin Group operations.

Under Licence

FarmLine will become the focus for delivering information to farmers and technical practitioners. In essence, organisations such as the Beef Improvement Association of Australia (BIAA) are delivering their information service, under licence, through FarmLine. Others, such as Landcare and the Cotton and Sugar Industries, are currently negotiating similar arrangements.

First port of call

Tapping into a broad range of valuable information will make FarmLine the "first port of call" for farmers and others wanting information for their business.

For further information regarding FarmLine call either Gary McKenzie or Ruth McIntyre on 09.4783343.

FarmLine will find the answers

The first inquiries for members receive a $10 discount and further inquiries at half the retail price.

FarmLine offers value for money information - we would not jeopardise our members' continued support and membership if this was not the case.

We also offer full after sales service including full backup if customers are not happy with the information and an opportunity to feedback customers' comments on the information package. We send out evaluation forms with each package and give the customer opportunity to comment on the information and service they receive.

FarmLine Statistics

An average of 10 inquiries have been

received each working day since FarmLine was launched to members on April 13, 1995.

A monthly total of inquiries is shown below:

Month Number

April 134

May 250

June 218

July 266

Total 868

Return of feedback sheets as proportion of total inquiries (150/868) = 17%

Number of positive feedback sheets (130/150) = 87%

Number of negative feedback sheets (20/150) = 13%

Summary of Inquiry Topic Areas

• Machinery contract rates

• Computer hardware and software

• Identification of weeds

• Harvesters - looking ahead to purchase after evaluation information

• Crop weeds and diseases

• Tractor selection and evaluation

• Setting up feedlots

• Nitrate testing

• Commodity marketing

• Swathing

• Cattle husbandry

• General machinery

• Welding information

• Alternative enterprises

• Irrigation systems

FarmLine service fees


Kondinin member


Kondinin information




photocopy of pages from publications, research reports, etc.



full research reports



database query and literature search





advice - phone and written



less than 5 minutes

no charge

no charge

Other information

*same prices plus copyright and access costs

*same prices plus copyright and access costs

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