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A Comparative study on the outcome of pregnancy in adolescent and adult women
Author: Fatemeh Nasiri Amiri, (M.Sc.)

Correlation between maternal BMI and the outcome of pregnancy
Author: Nasiri Amiri Fatemeh

Breast Cancer: Reconstruction after mastectomy to restore the individual bodyline and to improve quality of life
Author: Prof. Dr. Med. Marianne Schrader

Abdominal total pan-hysterectomy through modified mini-pfannenstial incision.
Author: Dr Vijay Benadikar MD.DGO

Overview on HIV/AIDS and women in Iran
Author: Masoumeh Ebrahimi Tavani (MS.M),

Strengthening reproductive health and safe motherhood programs in Iran
Author: Masoumeh Ebrahimi Tavani (MS.M),

Rehabilitation of women who have been subject to sexual torture
Author: Dr Tuire Toivanen

Health Care provided for Female Asylum Seekers in Denmark
Author: Annemette Mygh, M.D.,

Analyzing web sites or the hidden risks of medical web sites
Author: Kathleen Murray

The Next Generation of Rural Medical Practitioners
Author: Katie Tonta

Women’s Rights to Healthcare, a Human Right
Author: Author unknown

Body Mass Index and Resistant Polycystic Ovarian Disease
Author: Hemeida S.A.R1, Azmy O. M1, Hosni A. N2

A Comparison between Active and Physiological Management of Third Stage of Labour, and the fetomaternal haemorrhage
Author: Mouloud Agajani Delavar

Evaluation of frequency of clinical chorioamnionitis in Imam Hospital in Sari, Iran, in 1998
Author: Mouloud Agajani Delavar,

A Study on Comparison between the Effect of Early and Late Cord Clamping on Third Stage of Labour
Author: Mouloud Agajani Delavar

The Effect of Thick Salt-Water Sitz Bath with Diluted Vinegar-Water Sitz Bath in Treatment of Trichomonas Vaginitis
Author: Mouloud Agajani Delavar

Induced Abortion : Nationwide Survey in Thailand
Author: Boonthai Nongluk, M.Sc.PH. and Warakamin Suwanna, MD.

Studying the relationship between macrosomia and maternal infant complications
Author: Moloud Fakhri (M . SC )

Method of delivery with the fetus weighing > 4000 grams
Author: Moloud Fakhri (M.S.C Obstetrics)

Identification and management role of GPs for women experiencing partner abuse
Author: Kelsey Hegarty

Unwanted Pregnancy in Tehran, What are the risk factors?
Author: 1Shayesteh Jahanfar, 2Seyed Mehdi Hashemi and 3Fahimeh Ramezani Tehrani;

A study of the awareness of screening procedure for carcinoma of the cervix (pap smear) amongst health service users in a sub-urban area
Author: Aderonke Fadekemi Daramola (Dr.)

The Prevalence of Chlamydia Infection among Pregnant Women referred to perinatal cilinics of Tehran University of Medical Sciences in IRAN
Author: Ziaeddine Moussavi 1(Ph.D) Roxana Behrouzi2 M.Sc.

Female genital mutilation as a problem in western countries
Author: Vibeke Jorgensen

Modern Pressures, Traditional Problems : Reproductive Tract Infections In Rural Vietnam
Author: Maxine Whittaker

Rights And Realities - Vietnamese Women Speak
Author: Maxine Whittaker

Analysis of factors associated with morbidity and mortality of stroke in nigerian women
Author: Dr. Edith Osawemwenze Amu

Silent Acceptance of Violence at Home
Author: Prof. Tulsi Basu and R. K. Mission Seva Pratishthan

Total cholesterol reading, when to rely on it?
Author: Dr Pam Pollard and Miss Janelle Pollard

The Practice Of Traditional Birth Attendants And Women’s Health In Nigeria1
Author: Abigail Olu Imogie2

Visual screening of secondary school children in benin-city edo state, nigeria.
Author: Ideh V.C.U MB.BS; FMC(Oph.); FWACS; Osahon A.I; Amu E; Oseji M. Akpan P; Dawodu O

Author: 1Dr Ruth McNair, 2Dr Carol Booth and 3Dr Liz Rickman

Domestic Violence Against Women: Indian Scenario
Author: S. Daga, M. D.

HIV in pregnancy: the risk of mother - to – child transmission and possible interventions.
Author: Obuekwe Ifeyinwa Flossy, Ph.D.

Family Planning: A Possible Intervention In Maternal Mortality.
Author: Ifeyinwa Flossy Obuekwe1 and Chinwe Lucy Marchie2

Dysmenorrhea: a long -term consequence of female genital mutilation.
Author: Obuekwe Ifeyinwa Flossy1 Ph.D. and Egbagbe Eruke Elizabeth2

Interdisciplinary therapeutic method in an area hospital in Switzerland complementing conventional treatment in basic health care.
Author: Dr. Renate Weisbrod

Cultural Sensitivity – A Lesbian Health Issue
Author: Rhonda Brown

Domestic Abuse – an Issue for Health Care Professionals
Author: D Ward

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