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General Views on Silviculture of Protection Forestry and Agroforestry Potential in Egypt

Abdelwahab B. El-Sayed

Forestry Department – Faculty of Agriculture,
Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.


This paper describes briefly the silviculture particularities of forest trees on arid lands of Egypt. The management of protection plantations (eg. sand dune fixation, windbreaks, shelterbelts, etc.) with particular refernce to sand dune fixation is described. The main objective of the management is sustainable protection. Production of other roles should be considered as by-products of sustainable protection, but the income they give should be contribute to maintenance. The second part of the paperndeals with agroforestry potentil in the arid tegion of Egypt and begins with a definition of agroforestry. The benefits obtained from agroforestry in arid lands are discussed and a review of the different traditional agroforestry systems is made. Finally, the paper exposes what should be done to improve and extend agroforestry in Egypt.

Note: A hardcopy version of the full paper may be obtained from the author.

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