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1Gord Froehlich and 2David Hudson

1Monsanto Canada Inc. 67 Scurfield Blvd.Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3Y 1G4
Monsanto Australia Limited 12/600 St Kilda Road Melbourne, Victoria 3004 Australia


Monsanto is creating a network of partnerships and collaborations in the Global Canola/Rapeseed/Mustard and specialty Brassica businesses to develop new value opportunities with this global crop. Building business relationships which promote continuous innovation and commercial success in new technology innovations.

Future trends in biotechnology include 1) agronomic traits 2) Food processing 3) Health and Nutrition traits, 4) Chemicals and Polymers and 5) Biofuels.

Monsanto has expertise in Genomics, biotechnology traits, global reach in seed & germplasm, and commercial presence. This coupled with partner technology and resource capabilities through strategic alliances, research collaborations and partnerships can create a network technology enhancements.


Biotechnology is re-inventing life on the farm …boosting efficiency and productivity no longer means simply using more chemicals and more man hours. Now it means employing technology. The science of genetically improving plants will give farmers a greater chance for increasing both yields and returns.

Roundup Ready Canola is like ordinary Canola varieties in every way except one: a novel genetic trait has been identified and transferred to the Canola seed, rendering them tolerant to in-crop applications of Roundup.

Roundup Ready technology:

1) Delivers outstanding control in Canola.

2) Produces the highest net returns

3) What growers report on Roundup Ready Canola

Crop Safety

Direct Seeding

“The crop safety with Roundup Ready canola was excellent. There was no damage on any of the canola - even where there were overlaps or where it would have been sprayed twice. It could tolerate two litre treatments of Roundup without any problems.”

Myron Teneycke,

Young, Saskatchewan

“Roundup Ready canola is one of the tools that has been missing to make direct seeding work effectively. We can direct seed and not lose any moisture.”

Steve Richards,

Lashburn, Saskatchewan

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