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Cultivar Development - Adaptation and Other Issues

Author: Anne M. Johnson-Flanagan1, Zhanao Deng2, Nancy E. Go1 and Glen P. Hawkins 1*

Author: C.L. Rife1, C. Blaker1, and G. Sidlauskas2

Author: S.R. Dahanayake* And N.W. Galwey

Author: Christian Möllers, Maria Kahlmeyer, Bettina Kessel, Ariane Ossenkop and Heiko C. Becker

Author: Bettina Kessel*, Heiko C. Becker°

Author: Petr Baranyk, Andrej Fábry

Author: Jacqueline Pierre1 and Michel Renard 2

Author: Robin Child 1, Colin Morgan 2, David Bruce 3 and Eddie Arthur2

Author: Robin Child and Alison Huttly

Phenolics and cold tolerance of Brassica napus
Author: Ronald S. Fletcher and Laima S. Kott

Improvement of pre-anthesis growth of B. rapa at low temperature
Author: Ping Si and Noel Thurling

Rapeseed - mustard research in India : 21st century strategies
Author: P. R. Kumar

Development of a canola ideotype for low rainfall areas of the Western Australian wheat belt
Author: Syed H Zaheer, Nick W Galwey and David W Turner

Influence of Cms ogu on spring oilseed rape tolerance to toxic effect of aluminium ions
Author: Grzegorz Budzianowski 1, Henryk Wos 1, Iwona Bartkowiak-Broda 2, Jan Krzymanski 2

Breeding of winter and spring oilseed rape hybrids at Malyszyn
Author: Henryk Wos 1, Iwona Bartkowiak-Broda 2, Grzegorz Budzianowski 1, Jan Krzymanski 2

Genetic variability for plant water relations and seed yield in oilseed Brassicae
Author: D.Singh, Sunil Kumar, R.K.Pannu and D.P.Singh

Author: G. Rakow, J. Relf-Eckstein, J.P. Raney and R. Gugel

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