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Suqin Yu

Department Biology, Guizhou Teachers University, Guizhou ,China


SPNE is the abbreviation of special plant nutritional element. It was invented by Suqin Yu in 1995. It contains various element that plant needs and active nutritious material especially from animal. SPNE 1 is for plant basic fertilize especially for still hydroponic. SPNE 2 for increasing plant production by spray. SPNE 3 promoting seeds sprouting more and growing fine by soaking seeds. SPNE 4 making plant buds more by spray. SPNE 5 for plant cutting rooting more and growing quickly.A series experiment was conducted for how use SPNE on rapeseed. The rapeseed was treated by SPNE 2 only; by SPNE 3 only; by SPNE 3 and SPNE 2. The result is shown that all the output has been risen by treatment, but the steep rise is by SPNE 3 and SPNE 2.



Various kind of plant were tested by SPNE. Such as rice, wheat, maize, hot pepper, soybean, tomato, cabbage, fruit tree, flower and sapling, All effect is striking. How use it for increasing rapeseed yield. A series experiment was conducted.


Two rapeseed variety of cabbage type were tested. The seeds of No. 2 Suan Di and No. 1 Hen Feng were soaked in SPNE 3 or water on September 17, 1997 for 6h, The atmospheric temperature was 22-29℃. Then sow seeds on seed bed .They all planted at same place on October 23, 1997. They were arranged as three repeat. Each plot is 20 m2 that cultivated 110 plant. The plants were sprayed by SPNE 2 or water at seedling stage (Oct 8, 1997), young plant stage(Nov, 9, 1997), flower bud stage(Jan, 12, 1998). All treatment as listed below.

S2 A: No. 2 Suan Di seeds was soaked in water , sprayed by water;

S2 B: No. 2 Suan Di seeds was soaked in SPNE 3 , sprayed by water;

S2 C: No. 2 Suan Di seeds was soaked in water, sprayed by SPEN 2;

S2 D: No. 2 Suan Di seeds was soaked in SPNE 3 , sprayed by SPNE2.

H1 A: No. 1 Hen Feng seeds was soaked in water, sprayed by water ;

H1 B: No. 1 Hen Feng seeds was soaked in SPNE 3, sprayed by water.

H1 C: No. 1 Hen Feng seeds was soaked in water, sprayed by SPNE 2;

H1 D: No. 1 Hen Feng Seeds was soaked in SPNE 3, sprayed by SPNE 2.

All are harvested on May 1, 1998.


The compare of yield and agriculture traits is shown on table 1 and table 2 .

Table 1. Increase rapeseed yield compare with different treatment

Yield Increase on A In creases on B Increase on C


(kg/ha) (kg/ha) (%) (kg/ha) (%) (kg/ha) (%)

S2 A 2430

S2 B 2665 225 9.3

S2 C 3375 945 38.9 720 27.1

S2 D 3450 1020 42.0 795 29.9 75 2.2

H1A 2025

H1B 2235 210 10.4

H1C 2490 465 23.0 255 11.4

H1D 2625 600 29.6 390 17.4 135 5.4

Table 2 . Comparison of agriculture traits by treatment

Stem Silique No. of silique No. of grain Weight of


Length Width Length Width Per Plant Per silique 1000 grain

(cm) (cm) (silique) (grain) (g)

S2 A 196.0 2.23 6.37 0.52 890.0 23.15 3.01

S2 B 199.0 2.25 6.65 0.53 914.0 23.55 3.16

S2 C 205.0 2.83 6.93 0.53 1007.0 24.17 3.53

S2 D 206.5 2.90 7.32 0.56 1066.0 24.21 3.61

H1 A 212.0 2.47 6.33 0.50 723.0 19.84 3.21

H1 B 221.6 2.97 6.77 0.51 803.2 22.25 3.34

H1 C 224.7 3.2 7.47 0.51 805.0 23.32 3.36

H1 D 226.0 3.4 8.10 0.52 821.4 23.66 3.42

The result can be seen from table 1 and table 2. Though the different variety was shown the different rate of growth, but they all are accorded with a common rule or D>C>B>A. Author observed the number and length of rape branch also according to this rule. Inspecting leaf chlorophyl in growing was increased according to this rule too.


Treatment B that only soaked rape seeds by SPNE 3. It’s effect is small than C or D. But it’s expense is very low and process is very simple.

Treatment C that only sprayed rape plant in field by SPNE 2.It can be used in whole plant growing, but next spray can be conducted after 15 days. It is important for spraying more to leaf back .

The best effect is treatment D that rape seed was soaked in SPNE 3 first then sprayed plant by SPNE 2 in field.

Rape seed producer can pay little but get a good crop from treatment of the three.

SPNE can be used for raise tissue culture efficiency of rape too.


1. Suqin Yu and Yunquan Zhou. 1997. Papers of the 8th SABRAO General Congress. Page 133-134. Published by the korean Breading Society and the society for Advancement of Breeding Researches in Asia and Oceania.

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