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Poster Papers

Nitrous oxide emissions from farm effluents
Author: Rita Bhandral1, Surinder Saggar2, Nanthi S. Bolan3 and Mike Hedley4

Using the ‘NZ-DNDC’ model to simulate the effects of changing land management on nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emissions from New Zealand grazed pastures
Author: Donna L. Giltrap1, Surinder Saggar2, Kevin Tate3 and Changsheng Li4

Temporal changes in soil P pools after addition of crop residues
Author: Shahriar Iqbal, Else K. BŁnemann, Petra Marschner and Ann McNeill

Effect of mycorrhizal inoculation on rhizosphere properties of Pinus radiata seedlings
Author: Q. Liu1, P. Loganathan1, Mike Hedley1 and L.J. Grace2

Predicted and actual changes in nitrogen mineralisation in the Mulga soils of southern Queensland
Author: Nicole J. Mathers and Ram Dalal

Sorption of orthophosphate and pyrophosphate in Australian soils
Author: Therese M. McBeath1, Enzo Lombi2 and Mike McLaughlin1,2

Root-ball scale spatial variability of plant available nitrogen
Author: S.J. Officer

Identification of the causes of subsoil ammonium accumulations in southeastern Queensland
Author: Kathryn Page1, Ram Dalal2, Neal W. Menzies1 and Wayne Strong3

Basaltic soils of Cambodia: properties and limiting factors
Author: Noel Schoknecht1, Sarith Hin2, Richard Bell3, Seng Vang2, and Wendy Vance3

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