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Oral Papers

Passive-wick water fluxmeters: theory and practice
Author: Glendon W. Gee, Z.F. Zhang, A.L. Ward and J.M. Keller

Soil moisture measurement in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica using Hydra soil moisture probes
Author: Aaron M. Wall1,3, Megan R. Balks1, Dave I. Campbell1 and Ron F. Paetzold2

Prediction of steady-state flux through variably saturated zones within a septic absorption trench
Author: Cara Beal1, Ted Gardner2, Neal W. Menzies3, David Rassam4 and Alison Vieritz5

Treating grazed pasture soil with a nitrification inhibitor, dicyandiamide (DCD), to decrease nitrate leaching
Author: Hong J. Di and Keith C. Cameron

Dispersion and re-deposition of colloidal particles and their effects on hydraulic conductivity in sandy soils
Author: Oagile Dikinya, Christoph Hinz and Graham Aylmore

Soil Water Availability – the importance of considering physical constraints
Author: Damien Adcock1, Cameron D. Grant2 and Ann McNeill1

Climate controls of preferential flow - analysing first-order controls of rapid transport
Author: I. Struthers1, Christoph Hinz2 and M. Sivapalan1

Handling the water content discontinuity at the interface between layered soils within a numerical scheme
Author: C.J. Matthews1, F.J. Cook2, J.H. Knight1 and R.D. Braddock1

Measuring water and solute balance with new lysimeter techniques
Author: Ralph Meissner1 and Manfred Seyfarth2

Quantification of preferential flow in undisturbed soil columns using dye tracers and image analysis
Author: Sacha J. Mooney and Catherine Morris

Measuring and Modelling water dynamics under effluent irrigated pine trees
Author: Iris Vogeler1, Steve Green1, Gujja N. Magesan2, and Brent Clothier1

Scale-dependent hierarchical hydraulic properties to simulate soil profile water and solute flow
Author: M. Deurer1, R.W. Vervoort2 and J. B÷ttcher1

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