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Soybean improvement for eastern Australia: Component 1: New South Wales

Rose, I.A. Dr; Ph. (02) 6799 1500; Fax (02) 6793 1186;

Rose, J.L. Mr; Ph. (02) 6799 1500; Fax (02) 6793 1186

Andrews, J.A. Mr; Ph (02) 6799 1500; Fax (02) 6793 1186

Research organisation: NSW Agriculture, Agricultural Research Station, PMB Myall Vale, Narrabri NSW 2390

Sponsors: GRDC, Grains Research and Development Corporation


1. To assist the soybean industry to achieve full potential by developing cultivars with wider adaptation, earlier maturity, improved yield and protein content, weathering tolerance, drought tolerance, phytophthora and other disease resistances, and enhanced nitrogen fixation;

2. To combine these traits with processing characteristics for human consumption markets;

3. To investigate the use of the long juvenile trait in temperate and subtropical environments.

Methodology: This project is a continuation of work commenced in other soybean breeding projects funded by GRDC in past years (DAN15C, DAN 52C, DAQ 188C). Therefore, many of the objectives will be achieved by evaluating the populations already developed independently by the breeders. These evaluations will be enhanced by pooling resources from New South Wales and Queensland, and earlier exchange of materials from the selection programs. During the course of the project steps will be taken to rationalise the population development stages of the program to eliminate any duplication of objectives. Also steps will be taken to standardise cultivar evaluation procedures, which have evolved independently in the past. Again the elimination of duplication and better application of resources will be the objectives.

Progress: breeding programs are continuing

Period: starting date 1993-07; completion date 2001-06

Status: ongoing

Keywords: soybean breeding; drought tolerance

Publications: No details available


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