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Developing and promoting systems for managing climatic and spatial risks in dryland crop production

Abrecht, D. Dr; Ph: (08) 9368 3499; Mobile 0417 934 648; Fax: (08) 9368 2165;

Research organisation: Agriculture Western Australia, 3 Baron Hay Court, South Perth WA 6151

Sponsor: GRDC, Grains Research and Development Corporation


1.      To aid the development of decision support tools for managing climatic and spatial risks via the development of essential databases, and systems for presenting spatial and temporal risks;

2.      To improve the management of key climatic risks and opportunities in dryland crop production by promoting the use of climatic information, decision support tools and seasonal forecasts.

Methodology: Develop decision support tools.


The project has provided a backbone to AgWA's seasonal risk and climate forecasting program. Training programs/workshops/field days have provided farmers, agency staff and advisers with information on the tools and services available as well as sources of further more detailed climate information.

  • An AgWeb site for climate information including David Stephen's seasonal wheat yield predictions;
  • Support for the development and evaluation of CRYIS, Climate Risk and Yield Information Service;
  • Barley development model - the model will provide information to assist with the choice of variety / sowing time.

The impact of this program will be from the continued development and promotion of tools such as TACT, PYCAL, SPLAT, RAINMAN and PCFlower coupled with a better understanding and capacity for their delivery through CRYIS and via the web.

There has been strong collaboration with SARDI and Kondinin in the development and testing of CRYIS. Furthermore, David Tennant has maintained a collaborative national network with PYCAL.

Period: starting date 1996-07; completion date 1999-06

Status: ongoing

Keywords: Decision Support Systems; Geographic Information Systems; World Wide Web; climate risk; yield forecasts

Publications: None as yet


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