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Future directions in food processing research in the Riverina region


This workshop was organised by the Riverina Regional Development Board, the Wagga Wagga City Council and Charles Sturt University to coincide with negotiations to encourage the CSIRO Division of Food Processing to relocate to Wagga Wagga.

The papers represent a sample of the research and development activities related to food processing in the Riverina region, the major food production area in Australia.

Further enquiries should be directed to:

Associate Professor J.E. Pratley
Dean, Faculty of Science and Agriculture
Charles Sturt University
PO Box 588


Food Processing in Australia - An Overview 1

Doug Shears, Executive Chairman, ICM Australia Pty Ltd

Laboratories After 2000 13

Dr Edwin Brooks, Emeritus Dean of Commerce,

Riverina-Murray Institute of Higher Education

Active Packaging Research at the Food Research Laboratory 25

Michael L. Rooney, CSIRO Division of Food Processing

Food Processing - A Riverina Perspective 29

Phil Sinclair, Research Horticulturist, NSW Agriculture

(Griffith Horticultural Research and Advisory Station)

Seasonal Variations in Lactoperoxidase Level in

Milk Used for Cheddar Cheese Manufacture 39

Assoc.Professor Alan Nichol, Head, School of Science and

Technology, CSU-Riverina

The Production of Fresh Citrus Juices 45

Warren A. Kennedy, The Outback Juice Company

Developments in Citrus Products 49

Mark Harrison, Leeton Juices

Vegetable Dehydration 53

Jim Geltch, Whitton

Wheat Quality Effects in Processing 57

J.R. Oliver, NSW Agriculture, Agricultural Research Institute

Opportunities for Research in Coarse Grains 65

(Barley and Oats) in the Riverina

Malcolm Glennie-Holmes, NSW Agriculture, Agricultural Research Institute

Research Program at Ricegrowers' Cooperative

Limited 69

G.S. Osborne, Ricegrowers' Cooperative Ltd

Trace Flavour Components of Grapes 73

Dr Malcolm S. Allen, Ron Potter Centre, CSU-Riverina

Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Duck and

Carp from Barren Box Swamp 79

Mark Garbin, School of Science and Technology, CSU-Riverina

Detection and Analysis of Cadmium in Foods by

Chromatographic Methods or Universal Luminescence Detection 85

Dr Kevin Robards, School of Science and Technology, CSU-Riverina

Use of Parallel Processing in Quality Control 91

Dr Wayne Moore, School of Applied Sciences, CSU-Mitchell

Production of Adult Bovine Serum for use in Tissue

Culture 97

Dr Terry Harden, School of Science and Technology, CSU-Riverina

Pickling and Processing of Gherkins 103

Boyd Salmon, Parle Foods

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