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2001: Ag innovators odyssey

Grant Mangold

Successful Farming / @gInnovator / @griculture Online
774 South River Road, Linn Grove, Iowa USA 51033
712-296-3615 phone or fax

Abstract 2001: Ag Innovators Odyssey

It's 2001. Agricultural innovators have come thus far on a two-decade odyssey with personal computers aboard a fledgling information technology industry. We now embark on a new millenium, faced with more questions than answers. But it is the power of question that fuels our quest. Twenty years ago, the revolutionary spreadsheet let us ask ‘what if’ in myriad ways, and personal computing took a quantum leap. Today, with the dawning of the “Wearable Wireless Web” we can be part of the ‘telecosm’ - in the office, field, or on the go. With bio-receptors, our products will communicate as never before. We will equip ourselves with a wide range of data-driven devices, to empower us to make more dollars as we turn our data into decisions. We select software and harness hardware to gain answers to our questions. We forge new links in the farm to food chain, as we get plugged in to the planet with conduits of information piping data to and from our fields and herds, and channels of communication connecting us with a global community of consultants and customers. With our gray cells in charge of the black boxes, we pursue precision as we aim at accuracy to achieve “appropriate agriculture”- by integrating economy and ecology with the goal of doing the right thing at the right time in the right place in the right way. Innovation is part of the culture of agriculture. The innovators’ odyssey may be just beginning... Where will you take us?

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