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Implementation of IPM

Implementing of an IPM programme for vegetable brassicas in New Zealand
Author: G.P. Walker, P.J. Cameron1 and N.A. Berry2

Integrating Novel Technologies for Cabbage IPM in the USA: Value of On-Farm Research
Author: William D. Hutchison, Eric C. Burkness, Gary Pahl, & Terrance M. Hurley2

Development and implementation of Brassica IPM systems in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland, Australia
Author: S. Heisswolf1 and L. Bilston2

Towards biocontrol-based IPM for the diamondback moth in Eastern and Southern Africa
Author: Bernhard Löhr

A change in attitude – seeing pests from a different perspective
Author: K. Niemeyer

Developments in IPM programmes for vegetable brassicas in Fiji, Cook Islands and Papua New Guinea
Author: Graham P. Walker, 1Sada N. Lal, 2Brian Tairea, 2Maja Poeschko, 3Johnny Wemin, 3Frank Ecke and 3Pus Wesis

Cabbage caterpillars in New Caledonia: integrated pest management project

Author: P. Daly, C. Mille and L. Desvals

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