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Oral Papers

Sampling Scale to assess soil fertility Processes –a brief Review
Author: Scott Black1, Jason Condon1, Mark Conyers2 and Tony Swan1,2,3

Management effects on biological cycling of phosphorus in Southern Australia
Author: Else K. BŁnemann, Petra Marschner, Ann McNeill and M.J. McLaughlin

Soil management techniques to improve soil water use in raised bed cropping in south west Victoria
Author: Gary J. Clark and Robert B. Edis

Nitrification in pastures on the Northern Tablelands of NSW
Author: Tina Dalby1, Peter Lockwood2, Terry Koen3, Brian Wilson4, Leanne Lisle2 and Heiko Daniel2

Subsoil constraints in the grain cropping soils of Queensland
Author: Yash Dang1, Ben Harms2, Ram Dalal2, Richard Routley3, Rob Kelly4 and Michael McDonald5

Micrometeorological measurements of ammonia emissions during phases of the grazing rotation of irrigated dairy pastures
Author: Tom Denmead1, Deli Chen2, Debra Turner2, Yong Li2 and Robert B. Edis2

Spatial variability of nitrous oxide emission from an irrigated dairy pasture system
Author: Debra Turner1, Deli Chen1, Yong Li1, Robert B. Edis1 and Kevin Kelly2

Emission of nitrous oxide from fertilised potatoes
Author: Steve Thomas, Hayley Barlow, Glyn Francis and Duncan Hedderley

Causes and management of subsoil acidity
Author: C. Tang

Limitations of bioassays in macronutrient deficiency determination
Author: Christopher N. Guppy1, Neal W. Menzies2 and Tim Harding2

Using potassium potentials to examine nutrient availability in an acid sulfate soil landscape, northern Australia
Author: Annabelle Keene1, Mike D. Melville2 and Bennett C.T. Macdonald3

Rhizotoxicity of aluminate and polycationic aluminium at high pH
Author: Peter M. Kopittke1, Neal W. Menzies1 and F. Pax C. Blamey2

Measuring water use efficiency of dairy forages
Author: James Neal1, William Fulkerson2, Roy A. Lawrie3, Nawash Haddad3, Kuldip Nandra1, Bruce Sutton4 and Lindsay Campbell4

Influence of soil type and characteristics on wheat response to fluid and granular phosphorus fertilisers
Author: Therese M. McBeath1, Roger A. Armstrong2, Enzo Lombi3, M.J. McLaughlin1,3 and R.E. Holloway4

Increasing Phosphate Rock availability using a Lupin Green Manure Crop
Author: Roger D. McLenaghen, Parmjit S. Randhawa, Leo M. Condron and Hong J. Di

Developing a farm nutrient loss index for grazed pastures in Australia
Author: Alice R. Melland1,2, Cameron J.P. Gourley1, Andrew P. Smith1, Ian S. Tarbotton3 and Ken I. Peverill4

Targeted water management planning to maximise water use in a grazing landscape
Author: I.J. Packer1, J. Hughes2, D.L. Michalk2, P.M. Dowling2, W. McKing2, S. Brisbane3, G.D. Millar2, S.M. Priest2, D.R. Kemp3 and Terry Koen4

Mineralisation of C and N during decomposition of sugarcane and soybean residues
Author: Fiona Robertson

Nitrous oxide emissions from grazed pastures
Author: Surinder Saggar1, C.B. Hedley2, Donna L. Giltrap3, Kevin Tate4, S. Lambie5 and Changsheng Li6

Mitigating gaseous losses of nitrogen from pasture soil with urease and nitrification inhibitors
Author: J. Singh1, Surinder Saggar2 and Nathan S. Bolan3

The Effect of Lodging in Cereals on Morphological Properties of the Root-Soil Complex
Author: A.R. Tams1, Sacha J. Mooney1 and P.M. Berry2

A spatially referenced water and nitrogen management model (WNMM) for (irrigated) intensive cropping and pasture systems
Author: Deli Chen, Yong Li, Robert White and Robert B. Edis

Effects of tillage and soil moisture on forage production and N2O emissions from simulated grazing of a winter forage crop.
Author: Steve Thomas, Glyn Francis, Hayley Barlow, Michael H. Beare, Duncan Hedderley, Ruth Butler, Richard N. Gillespie and Frank Tabley

Nitrogen management following crop residue retention in sugarcane production
Author: P.J. Thorburn, H.L. Horan and J.S. Biggs

Mehlich No. 3 Soil Test - The Western Australian Experience
Author: Katrina Walton and David Alle

Investigation of the contribution of nitrification and denitrification to nitrous oxide emissions from intensive dairy pastures
Author: L. Wylie1, Deli Chen1, R. Eckard1,2 and Robert B. Edis1

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