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Poster Papers

Effects of applied biosolids on forage sorghum production and soil major nutrient status in an alluvial clay loam soil in southeast Queensland, Australia.
Author: Guixin Pu1, Mike Bell1, Glenn Barry2 and Peter Want1

Characterization of Malaysian sewage sludge and nitrogen mineralization in three soils treated with sewage sludge
Author: A.B. Rosenani, D.R. Kala and C.I. Fauziah

Effect of granulated biosolids application to turf on nutrient runoff and growth characteristics
Author: Simon M. Eldridge1, K. Yin Chan1, Warwick J. Dougherty1 and S. Katupitiya2

Terrestrial ecotoxicology of pulp and paper biosolids
Author: D.S. Fraser1, Gabrielle T. Palmer1, R.L. Farrell2, M. van-den-Heuvel3 and Hailong Wang3

Development of sustainability indicators for effluent reuse in the intensive livestock industries: Piggeries and cattle feedlots
Author: Eugene McGahan1, Robyn Tucker2 and Justin Galloway1

Landfill leachate disposal: phytoremediation with the Vetiver System
Author: Greg Jones

Nitrogen balance for an agroforestry system irrigated with a saline, high nitrogen effluent
Author: C. A. MacDonald, Neal W. Menzies, P. Dart and Ross C. Bigwood.

Problems and prospects of agricultural use of distillery spentwash in India
Author: Santiago Mahimairaja and Nanthi S. Bolan

Assessment of two alkaline flyash-fertilisers for use on acid soils
Author: Kaye M. Spark and Roger S. Swift

Comparisons between applied biosolids and inorganic fertiliser under canola production in a red Dermosol in northeast Victoria, Australia
Author: Josephine Stokes1, Justine Cody1, Aravind Surapaneni2, Roger Wrigley3 and Sorn Norng2

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