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Oral Papers

The response of some New South Wales coastal floodplain soils to irrigation of high strength organic wastewaters
Author: Roy A. Lawrie and Simon M. Eldridge

A sustainability framework for land disposal systems involving highly saline industrial effluent
Author: H. Bing So, Neal W. Menzies, K. Yatapanage, G. Kirchhof, Ross C. Bigwood, C. McDonald and Peter M. Kopittke

Phosphorus characteristics of soils treated with sewage effluent using land filtration at Werribee sewage treatment complex, Victoria
Author: Muhammad Muneer1* and Charles R. Lawrence2

Using nutrient budgeting and environmental monitoring to assess the sustainability of effluent reuse from piggeries in New South Wales, Australia
Author: Chris Dorahy1,2, Grant Harper2 and Peter Marczan2

Utilisation of seafood processing waste – challenges and opportunities.
Author: Ian Knuckey1, Clive Sinclair2, Aravind Surapaneni3 and William Ashcroft3

The Impacts of Recycled Water on Soil Properties in Vineyards in the Great Western Region
Author: Karen Hermon1, Graeme Allinson1, Frank Stagnitti1, Roger A. Armstrong2 and Peta Maher1

Survival and possible transmission of pathogens from sewage sludge (biosolids) to lettuce plant tissue
Author: Jacqui Horswell, V. Ambrose and Tom Speir

Changes in the growth and nutrition of Pinus radiata in two soils and effluent additions of different qualities
Author: John Lavery, Gerty Gielen, Loretta Garrett, Stephen Pearce, Hailong Wang and Gujja N. Magesan

Wastewater irrigation in a forested ecosystem: nutrient leaching
Author: Gujja N. Magesan, Loretta Garrett, Gerty Gielen, Stephen Pearce, Carolyn Anderson, Hailong Wang and John Lavery

The agronomic effectiveness of a fish waste based P fertiliser – spatial variability of Olsen P and pasture responses.
Author: Aravind Surapaneni1, David Burrow1, Alvin Milner1,2 and David Cornwall1

Sorption characteristics of heavy metals to coal fly ash
Author: Travis J. Robinson1, Kaye M. Spark2 and Roger S. Swift2

Reducing availability of heavy metals from sewage sludge
Author: Tom Speir1, Jacqui Horswell1, Harry Percival2 and Ron McLaren3

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