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Poster Papers

High resolution prediction of soil particle-size distributions using remotely sensed data
Author: Sam Buchanan1,2, John Triantafilis2 and Inakwu O.A. Odeh1

Soil landscape mapping in the Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment: A guide for informed catchment planning
Author: Linda Henderson, Fletcher Townsend, Danielle Doughty and Stuart Murray

Sampling techniques for digital soil mapping
Author: Budiman Minasny and Alex B. McBratney

Soil toposequences and use of terrain analysis to predict soil distributions – an example from the Little River Catchment NSW
Author: Brian Murphy1, Greg Summerall1, John Gallant2, Michelle Miller1, Paul Southwell3, John Young1 and Madeleine Rankin1

Towards national-scale risk assessment of plantation forest soils in New Zealand: phosphorus nutrient depletion
Author: David J. Palmer 1, David J. Lowe1, Barbara Höck2, Peter W. Clinton2, Mark Kimberley2, Tim W. Payn2 and Gabrielle T. Palmer1

Digital Modelling in Soil-Geomorphological Survey and Mapping
Author: Robin Thwaites1 and Jay Bell2

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