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Oral Papers

Mapping soil properties for irrigation development in the Riverland of South Australia using the EM38
Author: Roderick Davies

Spatial prediction of soil properties in a radiata pine forest, northern New Zealand: how does forest harvesting affect the performance of prediction techniques?
Author: Haydon S. Jones1, David J. Lowe1, Chris McLay2, Tim W. Payn3, Mark Kimberley3 and Lars Brabyn4

Mapping regolith strength for bauxite mine rehabilitation using instrumented bulldozers
Author: Faron C. Mengler, Bob Gilkes and Geoff Kew

Applying geostatistics, fuzzy logic and geographic information systems to soil quality assessment
Author: Inakwu O.A. Odeh1, Budiman Minasny2, Alex B. McBratney3 and John Triantafilis4

The use of remotely sensed data to analyse spatial and temporal trends in patchiness within rehabilitated bauxite mines in the Darling Range
Author: A.K. Prananto, Bob Gilkes and Faron C. Mengler

Digital soil mapping in the Edgeroi area
Author: Alex B. McBratney1, Lou Mendonša-Santos2, Budiman Minasny3, John Triantafilis4 and Inakwu O.A. Odeh5

Geophysical Tools and Digital Elevation Models: Tools for Understanding Crop Yield and Soil Variability
Author: Paul Rampant1 and M Abuzar2

Land evaluation for pulse production in WA
Author: Dennis van-Gool1, Peter White1, Wendy Vance2, Noel Schoknecht1 and Richard Bell2

Predicting plant available water by remote and proximal sensing
Author: David Mitchell1, Alan Palmer1, David Duncan2, Ian McGowen3 and Jayne Jenkins1

S-map – a new soil database for New Zealand
Author: Linda Lilburne, Allan Hewitt, Trevor H. Webb and Sam Carrick

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