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Oral Papers

Soil colloid analysis by Flow Field-Flow Fractionation
Author: David J. Chittleborough1, Soheyl Tadjiki2, James F. Ranville3, Finlay Shanks4 and Ron Beckett5

Development of an on-the-go soil sensing system for determinations of soil pH and lime requirement
Author: R.A. Viscarra-Rossel1, L. ThylÚn2, Alex B. McBratney1 and M. Gilbertsson2

New insights into pedogenesis using cosmogenic radionuclides and OSL dating
Author: Marshall T. Wilkinson and Geoff S. Humphreys

Evaluation of Vertosol soil fertility using ultra-violet, visible and near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy
Author: Kamrunnahar Islam1, Balwant Singh1, Graeme Schwenke2 and Alex B. McBratney 1

Application of synchrotron X-ray fluorescence to cadmium contamination in soils
Author: Timothy E. Payne1, Paul J. Milham2 and Barry Lai3

Biotrack« using soil biodiversity for objective monitoring
Author: J. Mark Dangerfield

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