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Oral Papers

Long-term sludge experiments: soil metal bioavailability to crops and microbes
Author: Paul Gibbs1, Brian Chambers1, Steve McGrath2, Amar Chaudri2, Colin Carlton-Smith3, Andrew Godley3, Jeff Bacon4, Colin Campbell4 and Mark Aitken5

A risk assessment of irrigation needs and pesticide fate under vineyards
Author: Steve Green1, Brent Clothier1, Marc Greven2, Sue Neal2 and Peter Davidson3

Influence of copper on soil microbial biomass and biodiversity in some NSW soils.
Author: Nargis A. Banu, Balwant Singh and Les Copeland

Current waste soil disposal practices in NSW
Author: Peter Graham

Competitive adsorption of heavy metals onto kaolinite
Author: Prashant Srivastava1, Balwant Singh1 and Michael J. Angove2

Heavy metals contamination of home grown vegetables near metal smelters in NSW.
Author: Anthony Kachenko and Balwant Singh

Heavy metal concentrations of natural soils in the Sydney basin
Author: Tom Knowles and Peter Graham

Use of a thin slicing technique to study rhizosphere metal concentrations in a biosolids-amended soil
Author: Ron McLaren1, Martina Tschörtner2, Heinrich Scherer2, Gerhard Welp2 and Colin Gray3

Cadmium desorption from goethite in the presence of desferrioxamine B and oxalic acid
Author: Ghulam Mustafa1, Balwant Singh2 and Rai S. Kookana3

Evaluation of cadmium toxicity to Collembola (Proisotoma minuta) using electron microscopy
Author: Ayulungit I. Nursita, Balwant Singh and Edith Lees

Recent research on bioavailability of persistent organic pollutants in soils and implications for risk assessment
Author: Rai S. Kookana

The effect of copper toxicity on the growth and morphology of Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana) in solution culture
Author: Anna Sheldon and Neal W. Menzies

Arsenic in the New Zealand environment
Author: Brett Robinson1, Brent Clothier1, Nanthi S. Bolan2, Santiago Mahimairaja2, Marc Greven3, Christopher Moni1, Monica Marchetti1, Carlo van den Dijssel1 and Georgina Milne1

A novel technique for investigating the sorption of hydrophobic organic contaminants to soil
Author: Ron Smernik

Using a sequential extraction procedure to determine the bioavailability of Pb and Zn from highly contaminated soils
Author: D.P. Sorongan1 and Balwant Singh2

The effects of environmental factors on HGT frequencies in New Zealand soils
Author: Stephanie Watson, Jacqui Horswell, Tom Speir and Philip Carter

Review of impacts on soil biota caused by copper residues from fungicide application
Author: Lukas Van-Zwieten1, Graham Merrington2 and Melissa Van-Zwieten3

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