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Oral Papers

Losses of phosphorus, carbon and other chemicals over four years from dairy pasture in South Australia
Author: Nigel K. Fleming1 and Jim W. Cox2

Phosphorus budgeting and distribution on dairy farms in coastal New South Wales
Author: Roy A. Lawrie1, Eugene J. Havilah2, Simon M. Eldridge1 and Warwick J. Dougherty1

Response of maize and potassium dynamics in Vertosols following potassium fertilization
Author: M.A. Carter and Balwant Singh

Phosphorus between soil, soil water and overland flow for established and laser graded, border-check irrigation systems
Author: Benjamin Webb1,2, David Nash2, Murray Hannah2, Samuel Adeloju1, Melissa Toifl3,4, Felicity Roddick3 and Nichola Porter4

The impact of soil spatial variation on the efficacy of nitrogen applications to cotton in eastern Australia.
Author: Craig Stewart and Alex B. McBratney

Nitrate and ferrous iron concentrations in the lower Burdekin aquifers: assessing denitrification potential
Author: Thabonithy Thayalakumaran1, Philip B. Charlesworth1,2, Keith L. Bristow1,2, Renate J. van-Bemmelen3 and Jasmine Jaffrés 4

Kinetics of potassium release from Vertosols from northern NSW.
Author: Sevag Bedrossian and Balwant Singh

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