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Poster Papers

Soil physical properties affecting root growth in rehabilitated gold mine tailings
Author: Selva Kumar Arunachalam, Christoph Hinz and Graham Aylmore

A simple model to evaluate acidic and alkaline processes in dripper irrigated vineyards.
Author: Richard H. Merry1, Ben P. Thomas2, Ben Robinson2 and Doug Reuter3

Assessing the pH and pH buffering capacity of Australian viticultural soils.
Author: Ben P. Thomas1, Doug Reuter2, Richard H. Merry3 and Ben Robinson1

Soil chemistry differences due to land-use change from native forest to Pinus plantations in sub-tropical coastal lowlands
Author: Timothy E. Smith1,3, John A. Simpson1 and Paul T. Keay2

Using nematodes as bioindicators for soil health in bananas
Author: Tony Pattison1, Kim Badcock1, John Armour2, Phil Moody3, Rasiah Velupillai2, Jenny Cobon4 and Stewart Lindsay1, Lisa Gulino4 and Linda Smith4

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